5 Largest Libraries of the World

December 9, 2009 Buildings

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Library of Congress


Library of congress is currently dwelled in three buildings in Washington D.C, the United States of America. It holds 29 million books and is presently listed as the World’s Largest Library in the “Guinness World Records Book”. The Library of Congress was set up on April 24, 1800. Currently the head is the Librarian of Congress James H. Belington. This Library is the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States.

National Library of China


National Library of China is housed in Beijing, China. It is the largest library in Asia and world’s second largest library which contains over 23 million volumes. It was founded on 24 April 1909 by the Qing government and was first formally opened after the Xinhai Revolution, in 1912. Currently the director is Mr. Zhan Furui.

Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The world’s third largest library contains 20 million books. The Academy was founded in Saint Petersburg in Russia by Peter the Great, inspired by Gottfried Leibniz in January 28, 1724. The Library was called as Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences between 1724 and 1917.

National Library and Archives Canada


National Library and archive Canada is located in Ottawa, Canada with number of 18.8 million books. It is the multipart of the “Public archive of Canada” and “National library of Canada”, founded in 1953.The Director, librarian and Archivist is Dr. Daniel J. Caron of Canada.

German National Library


German National Library is situated in Frankfurt, Germany. In German language it is called as “Deutsche Bibliothek”. It was established in 1912. It contains 18.5 million books. The Director of German National Library is Dr Elisabeth Niggemann.

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  • harriet

    The British library is the largest library in the world by numbers of items catalogued

  • Shaiff

    I never been into Egypt so i don't know ;)

  • Karin

    It's in Alexandria, Egypt, Shaiff. Has a website too. :)

  • Shaiff

    Karin where is it?

  • Karin

    No worries, library of Alexandria is going to be a great one I think

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