5 Largest Universities of the World

Indira Gandhi National Open University (2 million students)


Indira Gandhi National Open University is the largest university in the world by enrollment. The university was named after the former prime minister of India, the late Indira Ghandi who was assassinated on 31st of Oct, 1984. The University offer 310 degree programs to its 2 million students. The feature degree programs are Master in Computer Applications (MCA), Master in Tourism Management (MTM), Master in Public Policy (MPP), Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) and many more.

Allama Iqbal Open University (1.806 million)


World’s second largest university was formed for distance learning in 1974. It was first of its kind in Pakistan (also first in Asia) and second university offering long distance degree programs. Its feature degree programs are PhD (in over 24 different fields), M. Phil Programmes, M. Sc. (Hon.), MA/MSc 16-Year Education, Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD), Teacher Education Programmers, Bachelor Degree Programmes, Diplomas and several other programs.

Islamic Azad University (1.3 million)


Islamic Azad University is located in Tehran, Capital city of Islamic Republic of Iran. The university has its branches in different cities. It is also biggest private university; formed in 1987. Azad University is one of the credible universities in Iran. The University grows faster because of its high educational standards.

Anadolu University (884,081)


Forth largest university is located in Eskişehir, Turkey. The university came into being with the union of four educational institutes. Anadolu University also provides distance learning degree programs through 88 centers. The university employed 2681 employees for its 884,081 students.

Bangladesh National University (800,000)


Bangladesh National University was formed in 1992 with an act of parliament. The fifth largest university is located in Gazipur, a district of Dhaka division. BNU University is divided into following academic units (1) Centre for Curriculum Development and Evaluation, (2) School of Under Graduate Studies, (3) Centre for Post Graduate Education, Training & Research and (4) Institute of Post -Graduate studies.



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  1. Shaiff says:

    WoW, all of these universities are in Asia

  2. J says:

    and 3 of them in S.Asia

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  5. Mncnnvnvn says:

     I am an azad university student and this uneversity is a very prestigious university and is equipped.

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