5 Tallest Fountains of the world

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The word fountain is derived from latin word “fons” meaning something which jets water in to the air either to supply drinking water or used as decorative element. Here is the list of world’s tallest fountains.

King Fahad Fountain


King Fahad fountain also called Jaddah fountain is tallest fountain of the world. Constructed in 1980 it raises water 260 meters (853 feet) above the sea level and is visible throughout the Jeddah city. It uses saltwater from Red Sea instead of fresh water.

Gateway Gayser


Located on Mississippi River Gateway Gayser is world’s second tallest fountain. Constructed in 1995, it raises water up to 630 feet high.

KPT Fountain Karachi


World’s third tallest fountain is KPT fountain Karachi, Pakistan. Constructed in 2005 it jets water up to 620 feet above the sea level.

Arizona Fountain


World’s fourth tallest fountain is located in Arizona. Constructed in 1979 it raises water up to 560 feet.

Jet d’Eau Switzerland


Jet d’Eau located in genevoa Switzerland is world’d fifth tallest fountain of the world. It is also one of the largest fountains of the world.

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  • Acheragh

    I cannot find some of the fountains in google earth, also I am interested to learn more about the engineering work done in these fountains. Would you help me ?

  • Info

    sure....what info do u want?

  • Sam_muzzaty

    the tallest fountain is in my hometown city and just in fort of my work

    Country: Saudi Arabia
    City: Jeddah
    my work: InterContinental Hotel Jeddah

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