Top 5 Most Densely Populated Countries of the World

Macau (China)

Macau-China-densely populated

546,200 people per km2 make it most densely populated place in the world. Macau is administrated region of People’s Republic of China. The first recorded inhabitants of the area were people seeking refuge in Macau from invading Mongols. Migration increased rapidly after the arrival of traders from Portugal in 16th century. On December 1, 1887 Macau formally become colony of Portugal. Macau heavily relies on Tourism industry. Per Capita income is US$36,357. On December 20, 1999 Macau finally got independence and become part of china.

monaco-densley populaed

32,000 people per km2 make it 2nd most densely populated country in the world. It is located in South Western Europe on the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco is famous for its peaches and Casino while main source of income is Tourism. Per capita income is approximately $70,670



Singapore is 3rd most densely populated country where 4,987,600 people live per km2. It was inhabited in early 2nd century AD. Portuguese and Italian ruled for subsequent times then later Singapore became a British colony in August 1824. Got independence from United Kingdom on 31 August 1963. Join Malaysia on 16 September 1963 and later become independent country on 9 August 1965. Singapore’s per capita income is $56,226 which is 4rth highest in the world.
Hong Kong (China)


Hong Kong is special administrated region of The People Republic of China. 7,008,900 people live per km2 makes it 4rth densely populated country in the world. Hong Kong has most developed capitalist economy on its small peace of land (1,104 km2). In 1898 Britain obtained a 99-year lease which ended on 1997. Population of Hong Kong is 7,008,900 while per capita income is US$31,849.
Gibraltar (UK)


Gibraltar is self-governing British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Many nations occupied Gibraltar during different period of history including Muslims, Spanish and British. 31,000 people live per km2. Population of Gibraltar is 28,875 while per capita is approximately $38,200



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