5 Most Barbaric War Crimes in the History

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Hitler was a fierce dictator of Nazi Germany; according to an estimate he killed approximately more than 4 million Jews across Europe and this massacre is known as Holocaust in history. Hitler’s hatred for Jews people can be gauged from the fact that he tried to kill Jews all across Europe
Hitler introduced new methods of mass murder, he used gas chambers and death camps for the execution of Jews

Saddam and Chemical Gas

Saddam-Chemical Gas

It was sad evening of 16 March, 1988, when Saddam Hussein, an Iraqi dictator and nationalist leader started dropping chemical bombs on Kurdish town of Halabja,that attack was so strong that it left more than 5000 people and 10000 injured.

Genghis Khan


Genghis khan is popularly known as one of the greatest conquerors of all time, when he died he was ruling huge part of Central Asia and China, but other than his vast conquests, he is also criticized for his brutal killings of innocent people.
Genghis khan was born in 1162 AD near Burkhan Khaldun mountain of Modern day Mongolia; he was a very cruel military leader, killing others was one of his most favorite military tactics; according to an estimate his army murdered 15 million during invasion of central Asia within five years and during conquest of Nishapur 1,747,000 k. a Nishapur

Katyn Massacre


“Katyn massacre” also known as” Katyn Forest massacre” was one of the worst war crimes of Red army and this war crime was against polish people during World War 2; According to reports Russian army executed more than 20000 polish POWs in different parts of Belarus and Ukraine and this all massacre was done at the behest of Russian dictator Stalin.

Russian Government continued to reject this claim till 1990, when Russia publicly accepted that this act massacre was indeed done by Russian Army.

Gaza Crisis


From 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009, Israeli army committed one of the worst human rights violations of 21st century, during these three weeks of conflict, Israeli forces brutally martyred more than 1400 Palestinians and injured thousands; this conflict also had very bad affect on Gaza infrastructure, during this war 80 % Government building were destroyed and left 4000 families homeless; at last after ample amount of diplomatic pressure, Israel announced cease fire on January 18, 2009.

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  • Dee Lee

    Japanese - Rape of nangking

  • East Asian

    I think the sentence "Israeli forces brutally martyred" says something.
    Who would use this term 'martyred'?

  • Toby

    The spanish killed 29 MILLIOOOOOON in a mere decade a few centuries back!

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    what about mao and stalin - their crimes were far worse than any of these

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    i like how they used a picture from a game for genghis khan.

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