5 Most Barbaric War Crimes in the History



Hitler was a fierce dictator of Nazi Germany; according to an estimate he killed approximately more than 4 million Jews across Europe and this massacre is known as Holocaust in history. Hitler’s hatred for Jews people can be gauged from the fact that he tried to kill Jews all across Europe
Hitler introduced new methods of mass murder, he used gas chambers and death camps for the execution of Jews

Saddam and Chemical Gas

Saddam-Chemical Gas

It was sad evening of 16 March, 1988, when Saddam Hussein, an Iraqi dictator and nationalist leader started dropping chemical bombs on Kurdish town of Halabja,that attack was so strong that it left more than 5000 people and 10000 injured.

Genghis Khan


Genghis khan is popularly known as one of the greatest conquerors of all time, when he died he was ruling huge part of Central Asia and China, but other than his vast conquests, he is also criticized for his brutal killings of innocent people.
Genghis khan was born in 1162 AD near Burkhan Khaldun mountain of Modern day Mongolia; he was a very cruel military leader, killing others was one of his most favorite military tactics; according to an estimate his army murdered 15 million during invasion of central Asia within five years and during conquest of Nishapur 1,747,000 k. a Nishapur

Katyn Massacre


“Katyn massacre” also known as” Katyn Forest massacre” was one of the worst war crimes of Red army and this war crime was against polish people during World War 2; According to reports Russian army executed more than 20000 polish POWs in different parts of Belarus and Ukraine and this all massacre was done at the behest of Russian dictator Stalin.

Russian Government continued to reject this claim till 1990, when Russia publicly accepted that this act massacre was indeed done by Russian Army.

Gaza Crisis


From 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009, Israeli army committed one of the worst human rights violations of 21st century, during these three weeks of conflict, Israeli forces brutally martyred more than 1400 Palestinians and injured thousands; this conflict also had very bad affect on Gaza infrastructure, during this war 80 % Government building were destroyed and left 4000 families homeless; at last after ample amount of diplomatic pressure, Israel announced cease fire on January 18, 2009.



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96 Responses

  1. matt says:

    What about Unit 731? If you're doing most BARBARIC you should have mentioned unit 731. It was definatly worst then th Gaza Crisis (no disrespect to those who lost their lifes)

  2. Dave says:

    “War-crimes..” For goodness sake. There`s no such thing. In war, it`s not “I shoot at you, you shoot at me, and if you shoot first, you`re the criminal.” You think the Romans, Genghis Khan or people in the Middle Ages believed this rubbish? Course not. People say, “Hitler is the most evil man ever, because he killed 6, million Jews.” Er-Jews have been persecuted for CENTURIES. And nobody was bothered then. And, “Saddam Hussein was a war-criminal and a genocidal maniac, because he was using chemical weapons.” He was fighting a rebellion.

  3. Elbgeist says:

    Avi, I'm with you. Don't give a s..t to all those pro-palestinian, jihad-loving anti-semites posting their disgusting junk here.
    Christian from Germany

  4. Ed says:

    How's about Hiroshima? What do you think about using chemical weapon in Vietnam “agent orange”?

    Gaza Crisis… It's ridiculous

  5. Ed says:

    But during Katyn Massacre only soldiers and officers were executed. No civilians, no atrocities, no tortures.

  6. Di Halt says:

    Where hiroshima?

  7. Ed says:

    Let me say only this much to the moral issue involved: Suppose Germany
    had developed two bombs before we had any bombs. And suppose Germany had
    dropped one bomb, say, on Rochester and the other on Buffalo,
    and then having run out of bombs she would have lost the war. Can
    anyone doubt that we would then have defined the dropping of atomic
    bombs on cities as a war crime, and that we would have sentenced the
    Germans who were guilty of this crime to death at Nuremberg and hanged

    Leo Szilard, one of two Manhattan Project's initiators

  8. Dead says:

    what about 
    vietnam, hirosima ?????

  9. afefelov says:

    What about Hirosima? You, bastard?

  10. ALEX says:

    What about Hirosima?
    What about Vitnam?
    Where are USA crimes????

  11. News says:

    What about Khirosima & Nagasaki? What about napalming in Vietnam? Opium wars in China?

  12. Kopfer says:


  13. Alex says:

    Where are genocides of Armenian, Tutsi, Darfur, etc?

  14. Mr.Bing says:

    “…you are a moron”. It's your only argument, moron?

  15. Andrey Treschuk says:

    Where is Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  16. Andrey Treschuk says:

    And why not Hiroshima?

  17. Andrey Treschuk says:

    Obviously it was war crime, why not?

  18. Spiskidel says:

    What about British opium war against China?
    What about British ocupation of India?
    What about British bombing wipe out of Drezden?

    What about genocyde of native Americans?
    What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    What about American defolianting and napalming in Vietnam?

    Do know history!

  19. Novikov says:

    Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Vietnam? Dresden?

  20. Ydos says:

    Obviously you forgot US crimes. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam napalming, Iraq invasion, Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Libya.. it is the top list

  21. Вильдан Рамазанов says:

    Okay, I will not say anything about Hiroshima. But why not on the list of dioxin-drenchedVietnam? Why not the Opium War against China? Where the Indians and destroyed the Indians thinned genocide? Where at least one war crime, the Anglo-Saxons?

  22. Luis mendez says:

    As we see ev'ry day the terrible crime acts commited by the jews in Palestina, we can only think that Hitler was absolutelly right to kill them all.

  23. ghostofnanking says:

    oh yeah what about the fucking japanese BEFORE world war 2 invading china and the RAPING OF NANKING???? KOREA in 1905 PHILIPPINES  MALAYSIA how about the MILLIONS have killed by those fucking JAPANESE fucking soldiers!! how about the INFANTS gouging their EYES and EATING their LIVER women CUTTING their LIMBS to put on the JAPANESE dumpling for breakfast???  the US would get involve if this fucking sadistic leaders hasn't started this fucking genocidal power hunger sons of BITCHES! 

    they FORCED country peacekeepers to this to taste their own MEDICINE!! you piece of SHIT!! READ some history books!! and stop judging the US!  

    MORONS such as yourselves be thankful to US to watch over to pacify pieces of shit leaders lurking on to hit small countries to invade!!! 

    there you FUCKING moron now you KNOW??? you wanker noobie jerk off!! what do you have to say???

  24. Luis mendez says:

    there is a terrible crime that the world has never know, or preffer forget: the sunk of  “The Wilhelm Gustloff”, a civil german ship that was hit by a russian torpedo near the end of the second world war.

    The ship was destinated to transport german civil people wich was trying to be safe in his country sailing away from the russian forces that was near the polish border. There was about 8.000 civilian people (women, children, hurt soldiers) and 1.000 young military students, and all these people sunk with the ship when it was hit by the torpedo of an russian submarine ship. This criminal act costs 6 times the lost of lifes of “The Titanic”, and the pro-US, pro-bolchevique and pro-international sionism historians had never write about this. What about the crimes of the US gangsters, british, russians, polish, etc. commited against the german civilians?

  25. Andrew says:

    I think that's the problem, when you read history books manipulated by us government. Have you heard of Political Jackals? I invite you to take a trip around the world, out of the US bubble. Try 3rd world countries, and try to understand them, then see which are the highest revenue companies on those countries. Then Think. Yes Think Again… see it from another perspective. It's sad to see how people starve to death, while some greedy corporations takes over their resources, explode their lands, and leaves nothing but trouble and misery, the take a walk around any restaurant in US any day at night, see how much food is wasted. We steal the worlds resources, ant then come and waste them in our land… I this this sounds like genocide to me.

  26. Genghis khan he is my hero, my idol

  27. Ladusan says:

    Where is the genocide of American Indians? American independent official sources are giving numbers of over 100. million people. Is there any crime you can compare to that? Wait, you are right, its was not barbarian but rather studious. However, it is good that you didn't forget Genghis Kan.

  28. Ladusan says:

    Telling someone is a 'moron' shows you are helpless and have no arguments to what he said. Fritz should thank you as I do.

  29. Armandonajera567 says:

    I oughtta kill you for that comment. You are the lowest life form on the planet. You fucking peice of shit. I wish I could find you and bomb your house. How would you feel if an army force kept bombing youe neighbor hood, killing your family???

  30. Dad says:

    asshole u deserve a bomb in ur ass

  31. Phoniex says:

    Go Die man, And I hope your Karma will find you around the corner, both my grandmother and my grandfather's entire family were killed in camps.

  32. Luismendezsat says:

    Hey Dude, it's not personal. Evrybody in the world knows that every time, every where in all the countries of Europe: Spain, England, France, Germany, Poland, Russia,Stonia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Ukrania, even Persia, Egypt, Syria, Greek, Rome, etc, etc, etc,…. the jews have been hated and hunted like a pest, just for theyr inner nature. All allong the history in all the european countries, the jews were burnied, killed, nobody wants them, nobody likes them, it's a historic fact. And now, they are next the US gangsters, the most barbarian criminals against civil people in Afghanistan, Irak, Palestina, etc, etc, etc.

  33. Lewbar says:

    Nanking massacre? Unit 731? Siam-Burma Railway?

  34. Ayod77 says:

    You are really worng about gaza 
    It's unfortunate that you withdraw the information from unreliable Source

  35. sallybelle86 says:

    i wish someone would answer my question! i want to know how come Saddam Hussein  and Hosni Mubarak where tried for killing people but ariel sharon and benjiman netanyahu havent been tried in court WHY!im 17 yrs old i asked my history teacher n he said that the world isnt always fair but i wana know seriously why

  36. BruisedLee says:

    This list is a complete joke. You list white people killing thousands of other whites, but completely ignore millions of Asians killed in the Cambodian genocide. The Khmer Rouge killed 3 MILLION people! 25% of their population!!

    You're also happy to point out Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands of Kurds, while ignoring the US dumping 20 million gallons of dioxin (agent orange) on Vietnam!

    How about Rwanda? How about any place in Africa?I guess if 20,000 white people are massacred, it's more important than a few million black and brown people. 

  37. IhateHypocrites says:

    Wow… cheapest anti-semitic propaganda…
    You put Gaza war (an operation executed after years of rocket firing from Gaza into Israeli cities) in, but put Hiroshima out, Nanking out, Armanian genocide out, Rawadan genocide out and because you don't wanna look like the Jew-hating twat you are, you put the Holocaust in but reduce the number of the victims..

  38. Andrew says:

    The Rape of Nanking and the systematic, horrific killing, torture, and rape of over 20 million Chinese people, as well as medical experiments beyond nightmare on innocent men, women and children by Japan in the late 1930s is by far the worst, most violent act of mankind in the 20th Century. Far worse than the Gaza Crisis, Saddam Hussein, or even Nazi Germany.

  39. Gaza Crisis?! Are you a complete idiot? The whole time that the area was under non-Israeli control…before Israel was allowed to reclaim their nationality globally…NOT one mention of making a Palestinian State as of which the PNA now (so called) police of Gaza by Hamas involvement! But suicide bomber after another and murders and bombings of INNOCENT men, women, and children; the relentless hostile attacks against Israel (a Nation) – something had to be done! Remember Japan? Do you see them picking a fight against America or any other nation for that matter? Now was that a human rights violation? No. It was war, and war is ugly!

  40. anon says:

    i like how they used a picture from a game for genghis khan.

  41. jew says:

    what about mao and stalin – their crimes were far worse than any of these

  42. Toby says:

    The spanish killed 29 MILLIOOOOOON in a mere decade a few centuries back!

  43. East Asian says:

    I think the sentence “Israeli forces brutally martyred” says something.
    Who would use this term 'martyred'?

  44. Dee Lee says:

    Japanese – Rape of nangking

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