5 Worst Habits of Women

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Of course not all women have these habits. Some have one of them, some have all, and some have none. Habits of women can’t be generalized, but there is a trend. My apologies to all women when this list sounds as if they all were the same, I simplified.



Women like to nag, it’s a problem as old as humankind. Already ancient Greeks knew this habit of women, Hera was annoying Zeus with doing it too much, Socrates’ wife Xanthippe has become the quintessential nagging woman.

Maybe only men sense it as nagging and women have good reason to be like that. They want to be forceful after saying something again and again without success. What they don’t realize is that there’s a reason for having no success. Men simply need to be told things in a different way.

Being irrational


Ever tried to explain to a woman something in a reasonable and logical way, only to have her reply: ‘Yes but for me it’s different.’? It’s a typical way for a woman to be irrational and drive a man crazy. She simply doesn’t want to understand, she wants to tell how she sees the world or herself. Men would do better to accept that and give up trying to explain or disagree.

Being over emotional is another side of this habit. Instead of staying calm and thinking a situation over women react over emotional, break out in tears, get hysterical or angry and start throwing things. Best to wait until the attack is over and her brain starts working more rational again.

Buying too much


Spending too much on shoes, handbags and clothes is not only a bad habit, it can be an addiction for some women. Like all addictions, it can become an expensive problem.

Even when it’s not that bad most men can’t understand why someone needs 40 pairs of shoes, 20 handbags or a new outfit every two weeks. Most men also don’t enjoy spending a lot of time before changing rooms waiting for a woman who can’t decide if this or that skirt looks better, especially if they were asked and told more than once which one they prefer.

It would be better for relationships if women would only spend as much as they can afford easily and take their best girlfriend for shopping tours.



Women often have troubles working in a team, especially with other women. It’s a kind of jealousy; they want to be the best, a queen, or even the only woman around. They can be that way with friends, as well. Wherever women meet there is potential for jealousy.

Best for men to stay out of it. If it’s their wife or girlfriend, they could try calming her down. As long a they never side with the other woman.Best for men to stay out of it or try to calm.



Women are more talkative than men. They talk longer and more often on the phone. They like to talk about a lot of things with their best girlfriend or with female family members. That’s a social skill and society needs it, but it becomes a bad habit easily when it’s all about gossip.

Women should settle for gossip about celebrities on TV or in magazines . Intimate details of their friends should be treated discreetly, their partners have a right to privacy.

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  • adam blanchard

    No doubt; the biggest mistake you made was saying that these things are not all carrying every trait. Yes sir! These hoes are all the same but, a woman is not. Get over it are move on my dude. I know I just had to say…

  • Aducitis

    Bull s***! This is so wrong in so many levels!

  • Ange

    I steer clear of gossip and talking about other people's business if I know its going to cause trouble. I read somewhere that smart people prefer to talk about concepts. My preference of topic is always music and my own hobbies or movies, and see what I can share with other people. Why the hell do people find it so interesting about who's doing who?

  • DaHerbalis'

    @Ghost and R-Bek, there are countless magazines and TV shows that are dedicated to women talking about how shit men are, but the moment a man has the gall to point out a few bad points about the neurotic sex, he's immediately under fire for being chauvinist. Problems such as sexism against women, which I'm not denying have existed and still exist, are not resolved by reversing them, in the same way racism against blacks cannot be solved by "reverse" racism. Suck it in and deal with it, we as men also have the right to point out the flaws of the opposite sex. I'm with you, Mike.

  • stupid face


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