5 Ghost Hunting Places in USA

Gibson Inn-Florida


Room 309 of Gibson Inn is haunted by ghost of captain wood, who died from Pneumonia after returning from sea in that room; Ghost of Captain wood is a friendly ghost who only moves things in the room; there is also a ghost of a woman, who wanders around in the second floor, it is believed that she is Sunshine Gibson who is sister of the owner Gibson.

A worker at front desk claims that ghosts call him whole night and whenever he receives the call, he only listens crackling noise.

Coon Hill Cemetery-Florida

People say that while walking in this cemetery, some hidden hands will push you, many voices can also be heard in the cemetery and several murders have occurred in the cemetery, people say that this cemetery is far from the city, many visitors have taken pictures of ghosts. Reports of thick fog seeming to cover the ground only inches over the ground and every time a small child can be heard singing a song.

Camp 8 Cabin -Atlanta

According to reports these three ghosts of old cabin located on camp 8 road are of three young sisters, who died from flu epidemic in upstairs bedroom; People say they often hear voices of crying and screaming throughout the house; many visitors have taken pictures of the ghosts and it is believed that there are more than just three ghosts, demons and orbs are also present in the camera pictures.

Biltmore Hotel 13th Floor-Coral Gables

Biltmore hotel was used during WW2 to treat wounded soldiers, according to news reports it is believed that 13th floor of this hotel is haunted by ghosts of soldiers who were treated in this hotel; According to details in early 1920’s, this building was used as hotel and during WW2 it was used as hospital and many people died here; In 1968 it was decided to restore this building as hotel, so over fifty million dollars were spent to restart this hotel.

Pace Center for Girls-Fort Pierce

According to details, it is believed that Pace center for girls was a abortion center in late 1970’s, lot of women used to go there for abortion, but women used to die few nights later; Students at pace center say that, they hear women crying in pain, especially in bathroom and in the English Clasroom;Another strange thing about Pace center is that half of the students who come here get sick, people in Fort Pierce say that they have seen lights switching on and off.



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