5 Reasons Why Germans Hate Jews


Christ Killers

Right from the so-called crucifixion of Jesus .Jews were blamed by the Gospel for this incident. According to analysts, right after this incident throughout, Europe prosecution of Jews started, Extreme instances of Jewish persecution include the First Crusade of 1096, the expulsion from England in 1290, the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsion from Spain in 1492, the expulsion from Portugal in 1497 and Holocaust was the climax of this centuries old hatred, which was created by Christian church.

Jews Blamed for loss in WW1

After the signing of Treaty of Versailles at the end of WW1, state of war between Germany and its allied forces was formally ended, as far as Germans are concerned, they totally rejected this treaty as it was considered bad for the Germany.

After the World War 1, majority of Germans were of the view that, they came close to winning the war with the Spring Offensive earlier in 1918, but they failed because of strikes in the arms industry at a critical moment of the offensive, leaving soldiers with an inadequate supply of materiel and this strike was blamed on the Jews.

Inferior Race

According to historians, it is widely believed that Hitler deemed Germans as to be a superior race as compared to other races i.e. Aryans,Jews,Gypsies etc and he thought that this was one of important reasons of Holocaust and prosecution of other races.

Great Depression of 1929 and Jews

Great Depression of 1929, started just after the stock market crash on October 29, 1929 on black Tuesday, Germany was worst hit by this economic downturn, almost every city was affected and 6 million people got unemployed.

During and after the slump, Jews were doing great financially, that made the role of Jews suspicious in the eyes of Germans and negative propaganda by Hitler provided the impetus to this notion and they started thinking that, Jews are responsible for this Downturn and they are getting full benefit from the recession.

To Make Jews Scapegoat

Many analysts believe that Hitler make Jews scapegoat to revive nationalism among German nation, in the course of the thirteen years of furious propaganda, Hitler and the Nazis succeeded in making anti-Semitism “respectable and even patriotic.” With the help of the church, and the New Testament, this helped unite Germany.



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19 Responses

  1. James Firass Cabani says:

    Not to mention the occupation of Palestine and the embargo of Ghaza.

  2. Adhd_in_adults says:

    no James, Palestine is nothing more than a terrorist state, although to be fair yes Israel is getting like what the nazis were like and this is sad indeed. i suggest you go research this a little more, Palestinians dont want a state of their own all they care about is the destruction of Israel, look this up on youtube, “teaching children to die for Allah in Palestine and Lebanon” OMFG….look at Israels neighbours too, they have to be heavy handed, 1: they dont want another holocaust, 2: most of the countries around Israel would love nothing more than to see it as a crater. and everyone going apeshit about this terrorist that was killed, you know the forged passpot crap, lol he was a founder of the rocket firing brigades thus scum, what do u think the secret services of the world do, sit around n play chess lol no, they do dark things to keep us safe etc

  3. Guest says:

    If palestine is terrorist then Isreal is GRAND GRAND Terrorist

  4. Adhd_in_adults says:

    not at all, since when is self defence terrorism lol. Israel def` needs to change its tactics though. would love to see both sides stop their BS though, regardless of who is right or wrong etc who suffers the most because of the actions of stubborn men, CHILDREN…..so kids grow up hating, its a viscous cycle….again all this is down to religion, Islam is in dire dire need of a reformation and Juduaism needs to tell the ultra orthodox lot to chill the hell out. cant say i like ultra or orthodox Jews much, i dont like any person who is a fantaic regardless of what their religion is.

  5. James Firass Cabani says:

    Religion does all this…
    People are so closed minded on both side they are blind. Although we apparently think that Israel is defending itself, genuinely speaking and having spent sometime in the middle east, Syria and Lebanon to be precise. The situation like hell over there. People are living on the edge, almost starving. Wages are low as $100 a month and real estates are higher than New York City itself. Hell as you might describe it. Their governments deprive them of basic human need because of the war with Israel. The ALIBI is always there. Government officials enjoy the wealth and the poor citizens suffer the stench. Refugees pose a serious escalating crisis especially Lebanon, since they have no civil rights what so ever.
    Israel in the mean time enjoy the land, the water and now the gas in the Mediterranean. Israel is smart, but very dumb in tackling its neighbors rights. Like you mentioned, it is slowly disintegrating into a NeoNazi state. That is why there is hate for it. The average Arab blames Israel not only for the theft of his land but for his misery and misfortune. If it wasn't for its existence, Arab citizens in Syria and Lebanon would be as rich and prosperous as the Saudis and the Kuawaitis.
    Both sides share the blame here. Israel for claiming to be the only true democracy in the Mid East while it treats its non-Jewish citizens and second-degree ones. And the Arab countries for not having a strong propaganda as the Israeli (Zionist to be precise), and in addition not providing for its citizens a decent life, where food and shelter need to exist badly, and for blaming Israel for that!
    There will never be a solution here. Both sides have religious radicals that call for the elimination of the other side. Both Islam and Judaism are used by Zionist Extremists (Jewish Jihadis and Mossad agents as I call them, and the Islamist jihadis (the terrorist).

  6. Michelle says:

    Whatt i know is thattt LEBANON is outt of this alll ! Lebanon is a wonderfull country everyone loves to be in ! we are not like palestine not like every arabs world ! And we are not poor we are like most of the world ! we have some small countries where the people are poor and we have all the way more the opposite ! and we love people a lot ! Hope that u will come and evryone will see What is Lebanonn !!!!

  7. Adhd_in_adults says:

    i know mate, it was in the title of the video clip thats all, i would love to see your country one day, i know the Lebanese are a warm and friendly people

  8. James Firass Cabani says:

    I love Lebanon! I go there twice a year! What you say is very truthful. But I would love add the fact that although Lebanese are very different from other Arabs, the only thing that really distinguishes this difference is there freedom and the democratic government. Being able to freely express one's own opinion is great.

    Unfortunately Lebanese people most of the time misuse this freedom and adhere to extreme sectarian cults! The divide is clear, and is reflected on all aspects of life in Lebanon: Socially, politically, municipally, and even foreign affairs. Having such freedom and deploying it to extreme sectarian divide is normal trend for Arabs. Look at Lebanon. Sunni, Shiite, Druze, Maronites, Orthodox, Alwites, and Armenian! Try Iraq: All of the above Kurds.

    Arabs are unable to live peacefully among each other, this is their present, past and definitely their future.

    While on the other hand, Syria does a better job at cracking down on sectarian divides. It does it with iron fist, leaving no room for the “other opinion” to prevail. Syrian citizens are Syrian and that's it. This is the only way to successfully rule Arabs. Any other way will result in a multi-state like Lebanon or and civil war like Iraq.

  9. Michelle says:

    hahahaha anwwww we are all friendd !! i hateee warr !! Guysss Peace andd !!! Israellll take this advicee likee a sisterr just for this moment ! israelll u realy can make whatever u want in the world u have the absolut power !! So whyy u are makingg warr ?! if u can do whatever u want , what don't u do Peace ?! if u do Peace then u will be a real hero that no one can mess ! stop thinking about war ! Nothing is changing at the end evryone will die si what will change for u if ur ennemies die now or latee !! Israel Live ur life without troubless ! make peace cz u can ! and Then u will be happy and we will be more happyy !! Anw israel can't affect on the lebanese people bcz we all trust one god ! the Jesus ! <3

  10. Mlarewnce444 says:

    Oh wow, Palestine a terrorist state? *sighs* Yeah, I guess why not, I mean its after all its all Palestine's fault if some European Jew come to their country, expel them out of their own house, then pass a law that makes the occupier/oppressor the legal owner, then I guess its Palestine that is a terrorist for even daring to protest, right? Unbelievable!


  11. Adawoud_1987 says:

    fuck you

  12. Adawoud_1987 says:

    fuck you

  13. Donatus Godwin says:

    let them apply God words in their heart,and in their life,
    let them forget their evil ways and follow Christ Jesus,

  14. Shahid says:

    To know the reasons behind jews persecution read the jayne gardener articles,if you go to reside in another city and you persecuted there ,it may be due to that peoples of that city are evil but if you have lived in 80 different localities and peoples of all 80 localities disliked you than it means that trouble is with you you have the fauults and need to correct these faults to avoi another expulsion,this time from USA.

  15. Bob says:

    Germans put your lazy jew asses to work, so you made up the “holocaust” to further extort Germans. That is why they hate you.

  16. Mirandapeterson13 says:

    HAHAHAHA rock on

  17. Mike says:

    made up the holocaust? Could you possibly be more stupid?

  18. Mike says:

    Made up the holocaust? Can you possibly be more stupid? I guess some of my relatives must have faked their own deaths. What a dumbass. And those hard working Germans you refer to had no problems taking the belongings of the Jews including their homes without doing any work. They just took them. So I dont want to hear about lazy Jews you ignorant racist prick.

  19. jj says:

    jews were tricking and stealing and lying ofcourse, that's y jews are scum kill iut

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