5+1 Hottest Political Celebs of the World

Carla Bruni


Former Italian Model/songwriter and currently first lady of France, Carla Bruni is certainly very hot ; Carla Bruni married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in February 2008,in 1997 bruni stopped working as model and started her music career and is still pursuing her music career.

Sarah palin


Smart ,decent and gorgeous, this is Ex-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin for you; Sarah Palin served as governer of Alaska from 2006 till her resignation in 2009, in November 2006 she became both the youngest person and the first woman ever elected Governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin announced her resignation on July 03, 2009, after launching of investigations against her, she was of the view that these investigations were just wastage of precious time and money of the state.

Mara Carfagna


Ranked number one on the list of world’s hottest politicians in “Maxim” magazine ,Mara Carfagna is minister for equal opportunity in Italian Parliament.

Natasha Jessica


Natasha Jessica Stott Despoja (born 9 September 1969) is an Australian former politician and former leader of the Australian Democrats. She was a Democrats senator for South Australia from 1995 to 2008. Appointed to the Senate at the age of 26, she is youngest woman ever to become a member of the Parliament of Australia

SethRida Geagea

SethRida -Geagea

SethRida Geagea is a Lebanese politician, popularly known for her hot and dashing looks, when Lebanon was in full control of Lebanon and her husband was in prison , She fought, along with party’s fellows, for more than eleven years until the Syrian forces withdrew from Lebanon and until her husband was released from prison and Lebanon regained its freedom

Toiréasa Ferris


Ferris started her political activism with the party youth wing Ógra Shinn Féin in her native Tralee and in the University of Limerick. In 2005, she became the first female Mayor of Kerry, after earlier becoming the first Sinn Féin Cathaoirleach (Chairperson) of Kerry County Council in 2003. Co-opted in 2003 to the seat held by her father, Martin Ferris, she was elected to the Kerry County Council in 2004, taking the first of 7 seats. She served as Cathaoirleach of Kerry County Council between 2005–2006. At present, Ferris serves as a full-time Sinn Féin Councillor on Kerry County Council and Tralee Town Council



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  1. Leadbelly says:

    Bruni is a skinny dog and Palin is a retarded lump of botox.

  2. Elanjacobs says:

    What about Yulia Tymoshenko???

  3. Elanjacobs says:

    What about Yulia Tymoshenko???

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