5 Conspiracy Theories Involving Area 51

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Extra Terrestrial beings at Area 51

The 1996 documentary Dreamland directed by Bruce Burgess included an interview with a 71 year old mechanical engineer who claimed to be a former employee at Area 51 during the 1950s, working on a “flying disc simulator” built to train US Pilots, based on a disc originating from a crashed extraterrestrial craft,he claimed that while working at Area 51 he worked with an extraterrestrial being whose name was “J-Rod”, who was a telepathic translator.
Alien Interrogation in Area-51

In July 1996, an American man named “Victor” claimed in a radio show that he had a videotape of an alien interrogation which had taken place in Area 51. He told that, it is video of dark interrogation room of Area-51 , in which alien is being interrogated and military personnel and scientists are communicating with aliens using telepathy. The footage was eventually included in a video documentary entitled Area 51: The Alien Interview.

Apollo moon landing hoax accusations

Conspiracy theorists often accuse that entire Apollo moon landing was a hoax and mostly they base their findings on a Fox Television show that talked about the possibility that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax.Conspiracy theorists claim that actually that whole Apollo moon landing episode was shot in different parts of Area 51; Apollo moon landing took place on 20th July 1969,when American astronauts landed on moon.

One World Government and Area 51

Some political analysts are of the view that a very secret world society named “Majestic twelve organization” is working secretly in Area-51, it is a secret organization of military, scientists and Government officials; It is believed that this organization was formed by US president Harry S. Truman in the year 1947 and this is the same secret association who wants to implement the idea of New World Order.

Manufacturing of Alien crashed aircraft

Conspiracy theorists claim that, whenever any alien aircraft or space ship crashes anywhere in United States of America, it is secretly transferred to Area-51 facility located in Southern Nevada USA; After transfer of aircrafts ,crashed aircrafts are later on examined by technicians and engineers and then re-manufactured through the reverse engineering technique.

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