Most Prolific Women Murderer in the History


Elizabeth Bathory was born into one of the most well known families of Transylvania. Istvan one of this relative was prince of Transylvania and king of Poland from 1575-86.It is widely believed that at around the age of 5, Elizabeth had violent seizures. These may have been caused by epilepsy or another neurological disorder and may have something to do with her “psychotic” behavior later in life.

Her story starts from her marriage.At the age 15 she got married with Count Ferenc and most of the time Count stayed away from home fighting wars which eventually lead to his death.Her husband’s death triggered Elizabeth’s period of atrocities. Elizabeth started attending rituals that included the sacrificing of horses and other animals. People say she was scared of aging and loosing her beauty. One day a servant girl accidentally pulled her hair while combing it. Elizabeth slapped the girl’s hand so hard she drew blood. The girls blood fell into ELizabeth’s hand and she immediately thought that her skin took on the freshness of her young maid. She believed that she had found the secret of eternal youth. Elizabeth had her major-domo and Thorko strip the maid and then cut her and drain her blood into a huge vat. Elizabeth bathed in it to beautify her entire body.

Elizabeth’s henchmen continued to provided Elizabeth with new girls for the blood-draining ritual and her blood baths.Her Ignorant belief took the lives of almost 610 women. One day one of her intended victims escaped and told the authorities about what was happening at Elizabeth’s castle. King Mátyás of Hungary ordered Elizabeth’s own cousin, Count Thurzo, governor of the province to raid the castle. On December 30, 1610 they raided the castle and they were horrified by the terrible sights. One dead girl in the main room, drained of blood and another alive whose body had been pierced with holes. In the dungeon they discovered several living girls, some of whose bodies had been pierced several times. Below the castle, they exhumed the bodies of some 50 girls. Elizabath was arrested and was sentenced to life imprisonment in her torture chamber and stonemasons were brought to wall up the windows and doors of the with the Countess inside. They left a small hole through which food could be passed. King demanded the death penalty for Elizabeth but because of her cousin, the prime minister, he agreed to an indefinitely delayed sentence, which really meant solitary confinement for life.



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