5 Greatest Womanizers/Studs of the World

Fidel Castro


Top spot in our list of greatest womanizers is taken by a Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.He slept with estimated 35,000 women while he was Cuban president. According to a documentary he appointed a special team which will hire hotties for the president Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro led his country from December 1959 until his resignation in February 2008. Castro came to power as a result of the Cuban revolution that overthrew the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

“He slept with at least two women a day for more than four decades – one for lunch and one for supper. Sometimes he even ordered one for breakfast,” an ex-Castro official, identified as “Ramon,” tells filmmaker Ian Halperin. “I don’t think he would have stayed on as long as he did if not for all the incredible women he had access to as president.”

Wilt Chamberlain


Wilt Chamberlain was an American NBA player.This 7+ feet giant was considered one of the greatest players in the history of NBA.But today his basket ball skills are not the reason he is being discussed, many don’t know he is one of the greatest studs of history.Wilt slept with over 20,000 women.

According to his lawyer Seymour Goldberg “Some people collect stamps, Wilt collected women”.Swedish Olympic high jumper Annette Tånnander, who met him when he was 40 and she 19, remembers him as a bona fide pick-up artist who was extremely confident yet respectful: “I think Wilt hit on everything that moved…[but] he never was bad or rude.

In an interview, Chamberlain said “With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying”.

Many close friends of him claim that he has penis as long as 11 inch.OMG.

Umberto Billo


He wasn’t a president or some sports celebrity , he was just a hotel porter. But this guy still managed to get 8,000 women laid, that is quite an achievement :). Many believe he got fired, because most of the time he was too exhausted to carry luggage.Maxim magazine named him number 1 in the list of living Sex legends.

I am seriously impressed from this guy. Like most of the youngsters i want him to launch an educational program about, you know what i mean :P

Charlie Sheen


This hunk from Hollywood slept with well over 5,000 women.Sheen was named as one of many clients who visited brothels owned by Heidi Fleiss in her court case in 1995.When questioned about this, Sheen responded “I love sex and I can afford it”.

Gene Simmons


Gene Simmons is an Israeli-American rock bassist, vocalist, actor, and businessman. He is well known as “The Demon”, the blood-spitting, fire-breathing, and tongue-wagging bassist in the hard rock band Kiss.

This play boy never married and claimed to sleep with well over 4600 women.The 56-year-old once said, “I have been happily unmarried for 22 years and we have two great kids but neither of us has dominion. “Loving someone and caring about someone does not mean they have the right to own you. She will mount the milkman if she wants, so relax, why torture each other? “



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4 Responses

  1. All Mange says:

    You are very stupid

  2. This shows what women are made of to create these monsters.

  3. sigma says:

    Baju baju
    Erotomans talkers

  4. THE_HISTORIAN says:

    Castro … 35,000 … now I see why Cuba needs good health care and why Castro's mind is gone.

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