7 Most Lethal Rifles of the World



A weapon that has become the icon of the 21st century. Invented in 1947 it was named after its inventor, the Soviet icon Kalashankov. AK-47 stands for Automatic Kalashankove 47. AK-47 is he lord of war, it has caused most deaths that a single weapon system produced ever. With over 75 million built worldwide, the AK-47 is a firearms legend that has probably inflicted more lethal results than any other single weapon system ever produced. The AK-47 was not only easy to produce and relatively cheap, is also proved remarkably easy to maintain and virtually immune to conditions that could easily take out other guns. Accuracy is average, but the Kalashnikov compensates for this with its ability to unleash a lethal wall of lead. AK-47 and M16 came face to face in Vietnam war and AK-47 proved its supremacy. Even after almost 60 years,it could be heard spitting out shells in every corner of the world.



And at number 2, its M16. Its a weapon that have seen the American troops in the Vietnam war and into the 21ist century. It has proven to be an outstanding performer with superb accuracy, handling, service length and combat effectiveness. The rifle fulfilled the U.S. military’s desire to develop a lightweight modern assault rifle that could replace the semiautomatic M1 and M14. Its innovative features include lighter metal alloy and plastic construction, a simple gas reload system and the use of 5.56 mm ammunition, allowing soldiers to carry twice the amount of ammunition for the same weight of 7.62 mm rounds.



A true British classic, a standard infantry weapon of British troops from WWI to the 1956 Suez crisis, the Lee-Enfield SMLE (pronounced “smelly”) built its reputation on reliability, accuracy and a phenomenal rate of fire. In the hands of a well-trained infantryman, the Lee-Enfield could perform what was called the “mad minute,” i.e., thirty rounds hitting a target 200 meters distant in one minute, a volume of fire that rivals modern semiautomatic weapons.



At number 4, its the Belgian hitting rifle FA FAL. Inspired by the Sturmgewehr 44, the Belgian manufacturer Fabrique National developed FAL. But later on it was modified for NATO and a heavy hitter designed was created. Used in over 50 countries and an icon of the Cold War. This heavy weapon has proved to be tough when used in fully automatic mode.It as used by Australian army in the jungles of Vietnam and Israeli’s used it during six day war and in the Falkland Islands.



And here comes Hitler’s personal favorite Mauser. This super performance gun originated from Germany. The original model 98 was used during World War I to great effect, but when Germany started rearming in the 1930s the rifle received upgrades that made it lighter and easier to sight and shoot. Inevitably outgunned by automatic weapons, the Mauser nevertheless stands as one of the legendary rifles of the modern age.

1903 Springfield


American modified the German 7mm Mauser, added a few new features and produced a lethal and deadly accurate rifle, the Springfield nicknamed as silent death. It is a magazine-fed rifle that boasted phenomenal accuracy. The rifle was in service through WWII in Korea and even used as sniper rifle in Vietnam.

M-14 Combat Rifle


The M14 rifle originated from United States and is formally called United States Rifle, 7.62mm Caliber M14 is about 50 years old gun which is still in use. It was standard U.S. rifle from 1959 to 1970. These days its mostly used as a ceremonial gun. Prominent users of this gun are Estonia, Argentina, Israel, South Korea and United States.



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17 Responses

  1. Deadboyshootout says:

    You need to do some more research because 6 out of 7 of these guns suck.

  2. Roger says:

    thats not a 1903 Springfield, the pic shows a different model of the M14. the 1903 is a bolt rifle.

  3. Allison Wunderland says:

    Yeah, the “1903 Spfd.” photo is an M-14A1. They didn't list the M1A Garand. I would have listed the 1894 Winchester lever action — if cowboy western movies are to be believed.

  4. Merovign says:

    The 1903 Springfield also isn't a 7mm. This list essentially makes no sense, except maybe as a list of most common rifles. “Lethal” is arguably the wrong word to use here, because the list is insanely wrong if the deadliness of each rifle is being taken into account. Lethality usually refers to the effect of the projectile, not how common the rifle has been in use.

    This pretty much looks like it was “phoned in.”

  5. dsid says:

    What a load of bullshit, BITCH PLEASE. the AK47 didnt win the vietnam war, the tactics did. the VC fought using guerilla tactics, the americans fought in a more conventional way, therefore the kind of gun doesn't come into it. its the tactics.

  6. dsid says:

    What a load of bullshit, BITCH PLEASE. the AK47 didnt win the vietnam war, the tactics did. the VC fought using guerilla tactics, the americans fought in a more conventional way, therefore the kind of gun doesn't come into it. its the tactics.

  7. That's another pic of the M-14 instead of the Springfield.  The Springfield is a bolt action rifle, and the magazine is much smaller.  Also, you should have mentioned the M-1 Garand, and the H&K G-3. Also, I would have included the Dragunov.

  8. weh? says:

    M-16 didn't stand a chance in Vietnam War, AK-47 was so versatile and strong even if it's wet or beaten or heated or anything still it FIRES. Rather than M-16, a few moist inside it won't fire makes the US soldiers sitting ducks… Then US withdraws in Vietnam and therefore tactics (that you're saying) FAILED… BITCH PLEASE

  9. 59davidlee says:

    Well this is a good start, while we may not all agree, I do agree with the Kalashnikov as number 1 as it is “soldier proof” the primary requirement for a EFFECTIVE weapon. It has to be able to FUNCTION under all conditions and then some. Having fired the AK, M16, G3 I do love the AK for its simplicity and reliability.

  10. Steve says:

    Kalashnikov is number 1 because it has very little maintenance cost


    “It as used by Australian army in the jungles of Vietnam and Israeli’s used it during six day war and in the Falkland Islands.”

    Falkland Islands ?
    Did you mean Malvinas, right?

    Death to the British pirates!

  12. The Brit says:

    Cry more, wussy. Meanwhile, the flag that's flying over Falkland Islands is a Union Jack, and so it shall be – forever.

  13. Have a closer look at that picture, gentlemen. The picture of the “1903 Springfield” is NOT an M14. It looks a lot like an M14, but it isn't. Note the lack of a bayonet lug, and there is no filler plug or cutout in the stock for a selector switch. This is most likely a M1A rifle made by Springfield Armory. While very similar in appearance, the M1A can not be made fully automatic, and the receiver is made from cast steel, not forged.

    Also, I have NEVER EVER heard any of the famous gun experts like Ian Hogg or Garry James, and the like, call any of the the British Lee-Enfield rifles “Smelly”. Only newbies, neophytes, and the uninformed do that. It is called S.M.L.E. which stands for Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield. Short, because there was a “long” pattern rifle what was not put into service. Magazine, because of the detachable box magazine was a first for the Brits, who just retired their single shot Martini-Henry rifles. Lee Enfield – Parris Lee designed the firearm and magazine system and Enfield was rifling / manufacturing company / plant. The previous rifle was the Lee Metford.

    Overall, this was a nice little article, but it is rife with minor inaccuracies.

  14. ltcurry says:

    Thank you. I was almost going to call it a M-1 carbine, then had to look at it closer. Its no where what I thought at first
    glance. And that is it, glance.

  15. LtCurry says:

    Rightly so.

  16. jmjoker says:

    totally fucking gay

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