5 Greatest Boxers of the World

Enlisting 5 greatest heavy weight champions of the world, is not an easy task. This list can not be cent percent correct and can’t satisfy every one as it is subjective. Fans of one boxer can spend whole day defending his superiority over other boxers. Certain factors like longevity, quality and records held are some of the measuring rods for ranking boxers.

Muhammad Ali


He is undisputed king of boxing world. Considered by fans as G.O.A.T, three time world championship winner and off course “Sportsman of the Century” Muhammad Ali is number one in our list.

Muhammad Ali was born in Cassius Marcellus Clay-Jr., on Jan 17, 1942. Most amazing thing about Ali was his awesome ability to move in the ring so fast which left spectators astonished. Out f 61 total fights , he won 56 which includes 37 KO wins and lost 5. After accepting Islam , he refused induction into the United States military, stating he was a conscientious objector. His stand was rejected and Ali, who had fought so hard to reach the heights of boxing, had his championship stripped away, his license to box revoked, and was sentenced to a 5 year prison term. Although he never served the prison term, it took 3 1/2 years of boxing exile before his legal conviction would be overturned and he was able to gain universal acceptance and licensing as a professional boxer.

His biggest success was against the unconquerable Big George Foreman in 1974 at the age of 32.

Joe Louis


No one could ever touch his legacy. He made boxing look like an art rather than a sports. He remained World Heavy Weight Champion for 12 years. He was an honest, hard working and brilliant fighter having terrific body shots. Boxing those days was polluted by gambling but Joe was one of very few boxers who maintained their characters.

This 6 ft 2 inch lion has total of 68 flights, out of which he won 66, won with KO`s 52, lost 3, drew 0. He had a distinguish championship reign of 140 months. He also had an extra ordinary and astounding 25 successful title defenses during his reign.
In 2005 he was nominated as greatest heavy weight champion of all time by International Boxing Research Organization and was ranked as number 1 on “The Ring`s“ list of 100 great punchers of all time.

Rocky Morciano


He was a devastating puncher, a killing machine, a terribly strong man, having incredible stamina, head like a brick, deadly body, strong granite chin and undefeatable will to win. He was genetically taller having the ability to knock any fighter out who came in his way. He was seemingly impossible to hurt having unmatchable stamina and extremely hard punching ability. He was a true iron man in the ring who remained completely undefeatable through out his boxing career. What more can one say about him. He is Rocky. . .
Born on born in Sep 1, 1923 Rocky was an Italian- American heavy weight boxer. He never lost in his career. His records (49 – 0) is unmatched in the history of boxing. As a great champion Rocky truly deserves to be in top five list of great heavy weight boxing champs ever.

George Edward Foreman


Also know as The Hey Wood Giant, this boxing legend won the world boxing championship at the age of 45. He is one of the strongest boxer in the history with great boxing fundamentals.
George Foreman (born in jan10, 1949) was 6 ft 4“. Out of total 81 fights, he won 76 which includes 69 KO wins, lost 5, drew 0.In 1973 he defeated Joe Frazier and became the oldest man ever to become heavy weight champion. He defended his title 2 times before he lost it to Muhammad Ali. Big George was (42-0) when Muhammad Ali knocked him out in 1974 in “The Rumble in the Jungle“.

In 1976 he retired from boxing and in 1988 he announced his comeback, a successful comeback ever in the history of boxing, and regain his title of Heavy Weight Champion again and finally won KO against Michael Moorer in 1994.
His name is among the one of the top 25 greatest fighters of all time by Ring`s magazine. He is now a successful businessman, christen minister and entrepreneur.

Jack Johnson


He was a master boxer, a very clever and scientific fighter, a great puncher having distinctive boxing style, athletic talent, razor sharp reflexes, incredible body shot, strong defensive power and a great stamina. He was blessed with every thing a champion should have. He made the world realize that “Defense Matters“.

Jack Johnson was 6 ft 2“( born in March 31, 1878, Texas). Out of total 104 fights,he won 73 which includes 40 KOs, lost 13, drew 9. He was the first Negro who won the Heavy Weight Championship title. He won “The Fight of the History“ against James J. Jeffery. In 15th round he knocked invincible Jeffery out twice for the first time in his career. This was the raciest fight after which at one hand Negro’s celebrated their victory and at the other hand white felt humiliated by the defeat of Jeffery.
Jack was, no doubt, a great defensive fighter especially in the era when this skill was practiced by very few. His punches were sharp, powerful and quick. Certainly he is one of the greatest champions of all time. He is simply a defensive marvel.

By: Misbah Qureshi



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8 Responses

  1. asdfs says:

    Where the hell is floyd mayweather, the most accurate/technical/best technique, defensive and smartest fighter. We all live life forwards, but understand it backwards. As we live on, we'll understand how brilliant floyd mayweather's talent really was.

  2. Ghost says:

    Article says list can't be cent percent right and cant satisfy everybody

  3. Sonia Raye says:

    i like the article so much, a very accurate ranking. hats off to u

  4. Sam says:

    the ranking is satisfying. would u please tell me the name of author of this article?

  5. Sonia Raye says:

    i like the article so much, a very accurate ranking. hats off to u

  6. Sam says:

    the ranking is satisfying. would u please tell me the name of author of this article?

  7. Bob says:

    George Foreman spent his whole career ducking Larry Holmes!

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