5 of the Most Bizarre Hoaxes in History

Mary Toft Gave Birth to a Rabbit Like Creature


This is one of the most bizarre and weird hoax anyone came up with. Mary Toft, an English lady convinced many members of scientific community; that she gave birth to a rabbit like creature in 1726. She was able to fake the birth by inserting the creature in to  her uterus when her cervix was still open due to a miscarriage. Actually her husband bought a young rabbit, cut it and some how put it into Toft’s uterus. Motivation behind the bizarre claim was fame and money. During those days , it was widely believed that whatever the mother sees during pregnancy effects the birth.

Later on investigation proved that birth was fake.

Balloon Boy


October 15,2009 was the day when Richard and Mayumi Heene, residents of Fort Collins, Colorado claimed that their 6 years old son Falcon floated away in a gas balloon filled with helium. Media reported that balloon is floating at altitudes above 7,000 feet, soon the news went viral and the event was watched by millions across US.

After an hours-long flight that covered more than 50 miles (80 km) across three counties, the balloon landed about 12 milesnortheast of Denver International Airport. Authorities closed down the Denver airport and sent several National Guard helicopters and local police in pursuit. After the balloon landed and the boy was found not to be inside, authorities began a manhunt of the entire area, raising fears that he had fallen from the balloon; it was reported that an object had detached from the balloon and fallen to the ground.

Later on it was found out that Falcon was hiding in his home through out the whole event and whole episode was a hoax planned by Falcon’s parents for publicity , later on Richard Heene pleaded guilty, to the charge of attempting to influence a public servant moreover Richard was sentenced to 90 days  jail and Mayumi to 20 days weekend jail.

Andrew Carlssin- A Time Traveller

Back in January 2003, FBI arrested a man called Andrew Carlssin for making 126 high-risk stock trades and being successful on every one. He started from $800 and made $350 Million wooooh that is huge!!!!

While in custody he claimed that he had traveled back in time from over 200 years in the future where knowledge concerning the volatility of the stock market was well known. Another twist in the tail ,while waiting arraignment in jail Carlssin just disappeared. What’s even more surprising is that the story disappeared as well. No newspaper or media reports followed up on the original story. Repeated phone calls and emails to both the SEC and the FBI failed to even acknowledge the arrest of Carlssin.

After 2-3 years of disappearance Carlssin was found living in Canada.”I don’t know what all the fuss was about”, said Carlssin. “The authorities and I came to a mutual understanding and I was released to leave the country.” But yeah some questions are still unanswered.

Our First Time

It is one of the most famous internet Hoaxes up to date. “Mike” and “Diane” both eighteen years old announced that they are going to loose their virginity on July 18th ,1998. They launched a website in teaser mode and the response was huge, almost 10 million people tried to logon to the website and it crashed instantly. The traffic generated by the OFT publicity stunt is still the world’s record holder for Internet traffic in a 24 hour period.

Tens of million viewed the teaser but the real show never went online. Later on it was found out that whole concept was nothing but a publicity stunt. Mike and Diane both appeared to be actors. “Mike” turned out to be an Alabama actor Ty Taylor and “Diane” turned out to be Michelle Parma, an aspiring actress from Texas who had appeared in MTV’s Road Rules Europe. Michelle Parma died on October 19, 2002 as a result of a vehicle crash in Texas.

Tourist guy on the top of World Trade Center (9/11)


It was  an internet hoax which surfaced on the web after 9/11 terrorist attack. Actually an image surfaced on the internet, purportedly from a camera found in the debris of the World Trade Center. The image showed a man, dressed in a wool cap, heavy jacket, and backpack, standing on the observation deck of the World Trade Center. Below him a jet plane can be seen flying towards the building. Because of its closeness and low altitude, it seems certain to collide with the tower.

The image became so popular that other people also started using the guy in other manipulated images.The first person who claimed to be the tourist was the Brazilian businessman José Roberto Penteado. When Peanteado started to get media attention, including an offer to be in a Volkswagen commercial, a 25 year old Hungarian man named Péter Guzli came forward as the real tourist.Guzli says, however, that he does not want publicity and did not originally release his last name (Wikipedia).



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2 Responses

  1. Nathaniel607 says:

    BTW, that time traveler guy was just completely made up. In fact, it started on a satirical news site, but eventually spread as fact.

  2. Nathaniel607 says:

    BTW, that time traveler guy was just completely made up. In fact, it started on a satirical news site, but eventually spread as fact.

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