Top 5 Fashion Designers

Fashion is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. The remainder of this article deals with clothing fashion in the world.

Personally my fashion statement is whatever I feel comfortable in, it can be anything that is the current trend.

In this society where, from head to toe we are shelled with fashion, how on earth do we decide who the top five names in the fashion designing industry are? Although it’s definitely a debatable topic. Well, after quite a lot of pondering, I came up with some names, I thought were a well-rounded group of creative minds. While I could just throw them to you from first to last, I figured (for those of you who don’t know all of them) I’d give you a little background on who I feel are the most recognizable and most successful fashion designers.

Here we go.



He is Italy’s greatest couturier and one of the most respected designers showing in Paris.┬áThis designer is a long standing icon in the fashion world this man knows how to make a woman look like a goddess. He is known for his meticulous detailing and magnificent embroidery. His shows speak for itself, the one place you are sure to find a Valentino dress is on the red carpet. Having dressed many of the world’s most famous leading ladies in (such as Julia Roberts, the oscar stopper and Elizabeth Taylor). The society pages have adorned the costumes of Valentino. He has proven his talent and risen to the top. Absolutely unique, incredibly elegant Valentino style contains all the best Italian fashion, design and style.



He is a true heavyweight in the world of fashion. He is not only extremely talented, but he’s handsome too. This Southern Texas gentleman has both men and women swooning, He is not only a driving force in fashion, but he has many other talents in film and business. Tom originally trained to be an actor. But really, this man is not only the Creative Director for Gucci; he’s also the Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent. Ford stole the show at the first ever VH1 Fashion Awards and won the Best International Designer Award in 2000. Tom Ford’s creative style has no limits.



She is a goddess of fashion. She presides over seven brands under the Versace name, while a little flamboyant party girl herself. She is one of fashion’s most loved divas. Born in Calabria Italy, she graciously took over her late brother Gianni Versace’s fashion empire. By following in his footsteps, and having just as much passion for the industry as her brother, Donatella is known for her sexy yet elegant designs. The color and patterns found in the clothes and home ware of Versace are so distinct. There is no doubt Versace is one of the top design houses in the world today.



He was one of the worlds most innovative and outstanding couturiers. He brought a whole new twist to the fashion world. Known for his theatrical influence, his creations were not only beautiful but also colorful and raw. His clothes were unprecedented. His use of the untraditional runway models brought light, and always left the people buzzing. Unfortunately the world lost a true creative genius, and this fashion icon will truly be missed.



Johnson is a fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs. Many of her designs are considered “over the top” and embellished. She also is known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows. Her designs are brilliant, bold and fun. They are funky and edgy, with a lifetime of flare. Straight from the American fashion capital [New York] Betsey is known for “her celebration of the exuberant”

She once described her style as a formula: “Take a leotard and add a skirt”.



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