10 Most Annoying Sounds In The World


We are surrounded by sounds in our daily life – clocks ticking, horns blaring, coffee machine buzzing – some are pleasant, while others are downright irritating. Have you ever heard the screech of nails on a blackboard? Ugh Ugh Ugh… It makes you want to put your hands on your ears to block the sound. Or have you heard a donkey bray? Doesn’t it sound like the poor thing is in some kind of pain?

There are several sounds in the world which are practically intolerable. Here are some of the world’s most annoying sounds:

Vomiting – Makes me feel like throwing everything out myself.
Screeching nails on blackboard – Painfully intolerable to my ears!
Donkey braying – I wish the torture would end!
Dentist drill – Makes shivers go down my spine.
Loud Burping – Don’t such people have any manners at all?
Chewing with mouth open – Please give me a break!!!
Train screeching on tracks – Just like the nails on the blackboard.
Multiple Babies Crying – Oh please shut up!!
Microphone feedback – Mute it please!
Seesaw squeaking – Can someone oil the hinges?

Out of all these, which one takes gold medal for the world’s most annoying sound? A professor a British University took some time to survey what sounds people thought as most annoying.
“The Internet study, overseen by England’s Salford University lecturer Trevor Cox, took a year to complete and involved people listening to 37 sounds on his Web site, sound101.com, and rating them on a scale of irritability.

“The list includes grating sounds such as fingernails scratching a blackboard, babies crying and the ubiquitous cell phone ring tones…..The most irritating sound, according to the online vote, is vomiting.”
“Cox discovered that females rated 25 out of the 34 sounds more horrible than males. However, baby cries were one of the few sounds males found worse than females.”

“This may be because women play a role in protecting both themselves and their offspring from attack,” Cox said. “It could be that females have become habituated to the sound of babies crying.”



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