5 Famous Plane Hijacking Cases

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Seizing control of a moving vehicle by use of force, especially in order to reach an alternate destination is what hijacking is about, especially in the case of airplanes. Hijackings for hostages or securities have generally kept a pattern of dialogues between the hijackers and the powers that be. Those dialogues normally result in some type of an agreement which is not always meeting the hijackers’ initial demands, but never-the-less, it does turn out to be (as observed on an average) a mutual settlement. But there is always more to such happenings, as there between starts the storming of the aircraft by armed police or Special Forces to save the hostages; the spectacular part.

First Recorded Aircraft Hijack


The first to be traced episode of an airplane hijack of a commercial aircraft occurred on July 16, 1948. It was actually an unsuccessful attempt, of gaining control of a Cathay Pacific seaplane, which caused it to crash into the sea off Macau.

The airplane was on its routine flight from Macau to Hong Kong, when it was hijacked only a few minutes after its take off. Four men armed with guns, had a motive of robbery and ransom. But it all became confusion and hustle when one of the hijackers demanded the controls of airplane and the pilot refused to give in. The co-pilot also attacked one of the hijackers and it all led to the pilot shot dead, which further headed for an uncontrolled dive and crashing into the sea. The plane consisted of 26 people on board; out of which there was a sole survivor which later on confessed to be one of the hijackers.

The Famous D.B. Cooper plane hijack


Like several other American males of that day, he was dressed in a dark suit and a tie with a pearl tie pin, and a white shirt; he also wore a hat, with a dented top and slim frame and held a briefcase in his hand.

It was Dan Cooper, who behaved as a creditable gentleman. But something went odd, just when he gave the young stewardess a note immediately as the plane took off. The note said, “I have a bomb,” after which he even showed to her a glimpse of wires and what looked like dynamite. He further sent the message to the pilot to keep the plane aloft, and things he required be provided to him. His act had worked well, he had threatened and hijacked the airplane 727 with 21 pounds of $20 bills, (an amount of $200,000 he received as ransom) fasten with straps to his chest. A sole man had hijacked a Boeing 727.

He took the money, two backpacks and a parachute and dived from the rear of the plane. It has been more than three decades now, that the devil-in-disguise D.B. Cooper, a name which has never been proven to be his real name too, has only been pondered upon. For all his crimes, he has actually never been caught.

Indian Airline Flight 814


It was in December 1999 when an Indian Airline Flight 814, an Indian Airlines Airbus was hijacked, and a Pakistan-based terrorist group, was accused for it. The hijacking was performed by armed men, who shortly after the airplane was entering the Indian airspace threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb and ordered the Captain to “fly west”. Eventually, the hijackers forced the aircraft to land in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
It was perhaps the longest hijacking incident to have ever been recorded. The hijacking lasted for sever long days, with landings in Amritsar, Lahore, Dubai and Kandahar.

The hijackers primarily demanded the release of 35 Islamic activists in Indian jails with $200 million in cash but Indian delegates succeeded in persuading the hijackers in dropping their demand to the release of three prisoners.

The three militants landed in Kandahar, the hostages aboard the flight were freed. The freed hostages were sent back to India on a special plane. The hijackers released 27 of 176 passengers in Dubai but fatally stabbed one and wounded several others.

Atlas jet airline flight hijacking


An Atlas jet flight was hijacked on its way from Northern Cyprus to Istanbul. There were 6 crew members and 136 passengers on board when it left the airport in Northern Cyprus. 2 tall, dark skinned men forced their way into the plane’s cockpit stating that they were the members of the al-Qaeda, and demanded that plane be flown to Iran or Syria and that they had bomb. However the pilots made an excuse of refueling the plane and made an emergency landing in Antalya, the southern-Turkish city. One of the pilots claimed that the hijackers were Iranian, where as the passengers reported that they were Turkish.

On landing at Antalya, the plane was without delay enclosed by police. The hijackers in return threatened the blow up the plane. But the airport authorities convinced them to let the women and children off the plane. While this was being done, the two pilots climbed out of the plane window and other passengers hustled through the doors which created a chaotic situation, forcing the hijackers to surrender. No fatal harm but some injuries were recorded.

The Most Famous 9/11 Plane Hijackings


They are three most deadly of all aircraft hijackings. 19 terrorists hijacked four planes the American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77, United Airlines Flight 93, and United Airlines Flight 175; out of these four flights, three were used as cruise missile for suicide bombing on buildings.

In the fourth flight, which was to attack the White House building, was diverted by the crew and passengers by attacking the hijackers resulting in a crash but only the people in plane were killed. In all these four hijackings all together, about 3,000 people were killed.

The Pentagon, in common with the nearby White House, was one of the best-protected community buildings in the USA. Eye-witnesses and officials state that the hijacked plane first landed on the ground and then moved and hit straight into the building.

Within hours of the attacks, the FBI was able to determine the names and in many cases the individual details of the suspected pilots and hijackers

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    First recorded hijacking of a commercial aircraft happened in Romania on July 25 1947

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    Cathay Pacific Hijacked on 25th may 2005
    My unsolved doubt is why this matter has not come in to light of the public. I am requesting you to recognize my work.
    I am a Sri Lankan, worked in State of Qatar during the year 2005. My name is Kosgahamula Gedara Leelananada Jayasuriya, and my passport number is M 1048966. I came to Sri Lanka on a vacation in May 2005, and went on holiday to Singapore on 25th May 2005, by Cathay Pacific Airways.
    When I was purchased the ticket from the ticketing agent he warned me that they got to know from confidential means that travelling on this day will be risky.

    I traveled myself alone. I remember at this time Colombo Airport was under renovation. I saw at airport each cabin crew was allowed to enter in as teams. There was a conflict between two teams of flight attendants which team has to go first, when they had to get in to their flights at the terminal. I met a Sri Lankan passenger before the fight and he told me that he going to Singapore to participate on an Aquarium Exhibition and a conference.
    Before we were entering in to the airplane I saw a lady, supposed to be the cabin crew supervisor was blaming her other members and saw she had threatened and locked them inside the airport terminal. After that I saw flight attendants who were locked in, were waving in gesture to us. Some of us wave them and laughs why they are waving us without coming to fly with us.Cathay pacific aircraft took off around 09.30 PM.

    Now flight took off and the flight supervisor lady was busy. She came back after visiting the rear end and said other flight attendants are inside their sleeping berth and refused to come to serve and she said she will handle all the work. I saw she was wearing a pistol on her belt at waist and I asked what this is for. She said this is for hijack. I said that is a good idea you were supplied with pistols for preventing hijack. When the airplane was on sky there was the time for meals. This flight attendant cannot handle all this work. Then there were some volunteers. They said don't worry and they helped her. It seems those volunteers were skilled in this work and having some experience on doing it.

    After some time I saw the flight attendant and another man staying front of us having some struggle and he captured her pistol. Then he was in command and revealed that this is a hijack. Passengers were in confused and disturbed. I had the Cathy pacific flight magazine in front of me. My mobile was working I phoned the office address and I could contact them. I said we were hijacked. They admitted that it was true. The voice asked me how many of them. I said there is one man with a pistol. I briefed the situation, and there are some volunteers also. The Cathy pacific voice said it is not one it is more than one.
    I told I can control the situation, saying that I am having my Cam Coder and I know one Muslim prayer that has to recite before the beginning of the journey. And I told them to send a massage before they announce the plane was hijacked, saying that ground operations could capture a member terrorist at Colombo air port and he revealed a dangerous terrorist was boarded to Cathay Pacific carrying a bomb pretended to be a Cam Coder. He is known as "What". Qatar government is willing to forgive him and let him return to Qatar, and he will be rewarded some big sum if he return his bomb to government. (I myself knew as "What"). And announce the flight staff to obey his command and land safely. Cathay pacific finally gave me a clue that the airplane is having auto pilot system and in a difficult situation it could be used. I kept in mind this tip also. I said I will sleep now and wake up in half an hour, stopping my communication with the telephone line. Now there are few passengers in my side, I told them I will fight with terrorists. So that there can be a shooting take place. So for their safety leave this area and go to other seating area everybody at different location and tell others that there is another terrorist. They came from their locations because they were afraid of him and wanted to find safer place. This way I could establish an opinion among other passengers now there is another terrorist different from this gang.
    After some time I wake up, asking some water. When I demanded it several times the so called flight attendant come to me with a water in a cup and asked me to be calm that we are high jacked. My intention was to talk with her. I asked her whether she can communicate with pilots. She said yes and I let her to move to her place. Then I shouted "You are doing it in wrong time. I was sent to do it right. I know when it has to do." After some time I stand up from my seat. I changed my small battery of the cam coder with a large size Battery looks like a bomb for everybody to see. And then I started my prayer.
    "Bismillahi rahmaini rahim, Subhanalla-thee sakh-khara-lana haatha wa-ma kun-na lahoo muqrineena wa inna ila Rabbina la-mun-qali-boon."
    They found I am more powerful than them. They wanted me to be their companion. I said if our demand not met by the authorities we are sending the flight in to a volcano. The hijackers are now supporting me. The flight attendant can communicate with the pilots. I ordered to fly the plane around the volcano. I announced later our demands were not met by authorities.The pilots now announced that the airplane cannot control. It is running in to volcano crater. The Airplane seems to be lost control , and everybody was certain that the airplane lost control.I told the man who was previously in control to shoot himself before we drive in to the volcano. When he shoots himself the flight attendant took the pistol from him and shoot another man, saying this is the other.
    Now, I could remember the tip given me by Cathay pacific Office. I told them to turn to autopilot. They asked how? I said push the big botton or put the lever down or do both. Then, sometime later the air plane movements came to normal.
    Thereafter, I told everybody to relax now. I thought the matter is over. Now some passengers shouted to the flight attandent with the pistol to shoot at me also. I heard some body saying "I am telling you, shoot at him". Then it seems the flight attendant surrendered. She told me that she will shoot me. I told her "It is not possible. I am wearing an Iron chest. But there's a way you can do that. You should shoot at me at one exact location several bullets. Then there can be a possibility of penetrating through it. Any way I can see your target is not accurate, It should be bit towards your right hand side". I corrected her aim. " Now shoot all the bullets." and she did that and said all finished. I told her to get any more bullets if available. " She asked from the passengers side for any more if available. They said all were given to her. I think she has not aimed me, but shot in a scatted way. because in the beginning of the journey I could make a friendship with her.
    After the shooting was over, some passengers asked me where I am getting down. I said in Singapore. Some of them said they are going further than that. I have done nothing. When the flight is brought to their destination they will be rewarded. ( May be it is Bali) And said the fight will not bring down to Singapore. There was a lady passenger sitting other side behind my seat, and we discussed this is not only two. There are some more hijackers. The so called volunteers could be the others. I told her to support me in my future addressing.
    Now this was the most difficult part. Because I already revealed that my camcorder was a fake bomb. Now I said "The first part of operation is over, this is the second part of my operation. I pretended you this is fake bomb, but this is real Bomb." I believe the few passengers I evacuated from my seating area also done a tremendous work to others believe I am another terrorist. I told we all will be provided facilities to run away when the flight landed in Singapore. The pilots are now listening only to my words and not their orders. The pilots also seem to be their gang.
    The pilots announce some time later that we have reached Singapore. My mobile is having the Cathay pacific number stored now. Pretending I am contacting my group I called Cathay Pacific office that we are reaching Singapore Airport in 30 minutes, and I met another group of friend who supported me. And I told them to make arrangements to take away our friends safely.

    They are happy now, and they revealed me that there is a large quantity of explosives they brought to blow out the air plane. They said those are right behind the wall to my seating row. They said they will not leave me until my mission is complete. They said they will set time to explode the explosives.
    (In the mean time a person { he can be the one I met who said he is attending the aquatic exhibition } asked me in sinhalese language are you the one called "what"? I said yes. He said " you cannot be what. You cannot do such marvels. We all will go and say airport officers "what" is having brown hair. You go to hell." But this part could not understand by terrorists. I told the lady who support in my addressing "You tell airport what exactly happened." Also this guy blamed this lady using dirty words. When terrorists revealed that they brought explosives this part was overpowered. I think this guy might have being hired and previously planed by terrorists to control Sri lankans who will get boarded)
    I said I also having the same plan, if my negotiations with Singapore Airport authorities fails. I told them not to set the timing to explosives. My bomb is capable of emitting gamma rays that will penetrate even in to fuel tanks. So it will take effect on their explosives also. Then they asked me how I will come out. I said don't worry; I am wearing a second skin. When I remove this nobody can recognize me. But my problem now is when I remove my skin in front of passengers they will identify me. They said they have an arrangement for this. Now, this moment about 3-4 Cathay pacific flight attendants also available while our plane was landed at air port. They instructed the flight attendants to evacuate the passengers and them also to leave and they will monitor from outside what will happen. So it happened this way. I walked alone into to the airport. (I recently recovered my phone number for this contacts was 0974 5219485)
    I was desperate for no one recognized my act, which took part without loss of passenger lives and your airplane from destruction.
    This matter was the talk of the Singapore town on next two days. They were searching me, but I had to spent my vacation in a basement room of a hotel.
    Airport Authorities may be aware of this incident completely. My unsolved doubt is why this was not come in to light of the public. I am requesting you to recognize my work.
    (The only damage caused to Cathay Pacific airline was the 4-5 bullets penetrated in the seat front of me at chest level, for the reason supposed to be my Iron chest can penetrate only if I'm being shot all bullets at exact one location. However, I explained when some one had to shoot at me, the aim was wrong it should be bit turned from the present target point. Cathey pacific later claimed from me for the damage caused to their passenger seat. I thought it was a scam. For fun I replied asking how much.They replied "Nothing much, and it was not by me, but by someone else and damage had being repaired without much expense".)
    Hostages on board are having the right to fight against terrorism for their own safety, because in aviation history majority of aircraft hijack incidents ended with destruction and loss of valuable lives. Further, it is evident in recent incidents authorities have never agreed to meet the skyjackers' demands. Skyjackers are getting on board not due to passengers fault. Passengers pay for a comfortable & safe ride throughout the journey. Several governments have decided (Sept. 11) to shoot down hijacked aircrafts including passengers, also enacted in legislations.
    See more details at http://www.ljindustries.com/hi...

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