5 Famous Sting Operations by CIA

‘The name is Bond… James Bond’… This is the most captivating and legendary statement to have ever been known. And I remember how I used to believe that James Bond was real and could solve all the crime cases all over the world. Also to this well-known genius, with his extraordinary gadgets, persona, abilities and him being so tough, inaccessible, and arrogant all added up to the romance associated with him.

You will be surprised to know that such men do exist, and probably because CIA exists. The Central Investigation Agency (CIA) which deals with numerous operations all over the world; from international controversies to killing of political leaders, destabilizing of self-governing authorities to drug dealings and even stocks of illegitimate dealings. Yes, it is done the “Bond way”, but not entirely for the same purposes in the same righteous ways. CIA Operations are not just to get to the criminals; it is that deceptive maneuver where the ’sting’ belongs. Although most of them have not always been successful, but here are the five, most famous sting operations by CIA …

The Bay of Pigs Invasion


The small bay on the southern coast of western Cuba was the location of an unfortunate operation in 1961, when a force of 1,500 CIA-trained troops landed to take over the rule of Fidel Castro. This was perhaps the most famous and most embarrassing operation to have ever occurred in the history of CIA. It was called ‘The Bay of Pigs Invasion’ (also known as the Operation Zapata), because thousands of people were slaughtered like pigs in this attack.

It had all started in a period of less than three months, after John F. Kennedy became the president of US. It was a secret action plan against the ‘Castro Regime’. The purpose was the replacement of Castro with a more committed and more acceptable to the US. CIA’s fault was the underestimation of Castro’s capability and the mishandling of the Brigade. Sadly, due to imprecise and futile exchange of ideas between preparation and operational workforce, the important changes for the institution within the operation were not adequately highlighted to Kennedy. And thus, the conclusion was a severe embarrassment to Kennedy and a public withdrawal. Plus it gained Castro even more popularity, adding nationalistic response to the support for his monetary policies.

Operation Phoenix in Vietnam


Right after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, CIA got involved into Vietnam. It was in 1964, when the CIA and related intelligent agencies fabricated an artificial North Vietnamese attack on the Gulf of Tonkin, off North Vietnam. This allowed the US an intervention. The operation had been planned, synchronized, and implemented by CIA. It was a simple plan, to disable the National Liberation Front by killing dominant people like mayors, teachers, doctors or anyone who encouraged it. And any doubtful person was tortured and some were literally thrown out of helicopters during interrogations. The army had literally started the destruction of villages; grouped people into internment camps, weeding out the leaders and turned the countryside into a “shoot anything that moves” area.

It was an uncertainty of the killed, a number of at least 20,000 which later on increased to 40,000, as to whether they really were Viet Cong or the loyal Vietnamese, which was also admitted by the CIA officials. Their doubt was understandable, as this was a joint operation and a little over effort was very obvious. The operation was really doing well in destroying NLF infrastructure, but actually the entire operation was a failure on a range of arguments, one of the most prominent one was that the communists had established a large and effective support cadre before its eradication. So it was a little too late to change the war’s overall course.

Operation Paperclip


It was after World War II that the Russian and American intelligence teams started a search operation for scientific valuables in Germany. Apparently, it was a search for rocket and aircraft designs, medicines, and electronics. But actually, the search was for the scientists, engineers and those intelligence officers whose works had almost won the war for Germany. The original name of this operation was ‘Operation Overcast’, and its code name was “Project Paperclip,” also known as the ‘Operation MK-ULTRA’. This CIA operation was designed to convince, rather brain-wash German scientists to work for America.

The biggest hindrance of this project was the illegal migration of people secretly; without visas. But the US Army wrecked much of the equipments which could detect and detain them. Almost 1600 scientists were migrated (with their families) and positioned in various regions to work on missile and ballistic missile technology, which led to the establishment of NASA and the US ICBM program. And the most famed outcome of Paperclip was the successful U.S. Space Program which accomplished the supposed Space Battle. Operation Paperclip was a successful operation.

Operation Gladio


Galdio comes from an Italian word gladius, which is a kind of short Roman sword. The roots of Gladio were the purported practices of secret agencies working to weaken NATO member states, and to prevent such parties from coming to power in Western Europe. But the objective rather became brutal with its handling; it came out to be turning common public to its state asking for a superior protection. And history reveals attacks on civilians, the innocent people, women and children, unconcerned from any political supporting. Although this operation was kept a secret for over decades, but parliamentary inquiries in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium shook out the few top secret remains. Gladio had expanded very quickly hooked on the means of manipulation and desolation of the government.
Gladio was greatly criticized for political suppression and exploitation, and for using the private army, gangland information, government agents and secret forces which carried out violence, killings and rebellions in autonomous territories. And the outcome turned out to be not just condemnation by the NATO member countries but it is to date known to an exchange of rights and liberation with the illusion of security and facilitation.

Operation CHAOS


This was CIA’s yet another secret campaign which remained for over fifteen years, with support from several government organizations, the Operation CHAOS. It was one of the most prevalent and most persistent domestic scrutiny programs. It was a highly covert operation to spy on racial, anti-war and other protest groups inside the United States. Throughout the operation, the CIA spied on thousands of U.S. citizens. The mission of this operation was to collect and evaluate all the available information regarding any overseas links to ethnic, antiviolence or any other disruptive activity in the US. This operation contributed in the research and preparation of the most important and higher authority intelligence. The researches concluded that the foreign aspect played no functioning in any of the protest movements. Operation CHAOS sustained its coverage of Americans and kept expanding it increasing the confidence of White House and also the precision of its findings. A second major aspect of CHAOS Operation was to track some of the important investigations from FBI about Americans travelling abroad. This operation was quite a success.



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  1. Alex says:

    Im sorry, but the Bay of Pigs invasion got its name from the actual name of the bay where they landed: “Bahia de Cochinos” in Spanish. It has nothing to do with being slaughtered

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  2. January 23, 2013

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