5 Haunted Places of the World (Second Part)

He had missed his bus and needed a place to spend the night. He had no choice but to find his way through the deserted and desolate lanes, famous for many mysterious mishaps occurring in the wee hours of night. Eventually he found himself at the doorstep of a shabby little hut around the corner and was just about to enter it when there was a sudden stir in the air and it seemed as if everything had turned upside down. He couldn’t breath; he couldn’t cough, but could only feel something clutching at his throat. He tried to escape the ruthless grip with all his might… which suddenly loosened and he could breathe. He fumbled through his bag to find matches….. In the dim hollow of light, he found himself all alone. Just as the match was about to extinguish he felt a hand on his shoulder………

Whose hand was it and how in the middle of nowhere, at a time when no living soul is awake? Who was trying to strangle him? Probably the most popular guess would be a demon or a ghost. Certainly, there are intricate and complicated facts about our world and some dark mysteries that we are not aware of… And once you read the account of 5 most haunted places in the world, you will have no choice but to agree with me.

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum


This asylum is situated in the beautiful, scenic town of Beechworth, near Melbourne. But it is haunted; and considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It was a psychiatric hospital and was considered a home to thousands of patients; although rumor has it that only a few were actually mental patients. And there came a time when over 3000 patients died within its walls, rather mysteriously. It has been haunted and a place of paranormal activities ever since. Ghost sightings, spooky noises and indefinable experiences are all the attributes of this place. The most prominent occurrences related to this place are the apparitions. For example, a young boy who had died in the kitchen of this hospital is known to have haunted the kitchen, as people have been reporting the sensation of something pulling their clothes or poking their ribs. More common sightings are of a doctor often seen roaming in the corridors at night and of a matron who worked as a nurse. This has been verified by the pictures from galleries to the ghostly emergences. People sense strange icy coldness at night, sounds of children laughing and playing and a woman smoking and disappearing as smoke. Today the asylum is operated as a campus of La Trobe University and run as a hotel and conference center.

The Haunted Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the world and actually been entitled the most haunted place in the Europe. It is located splendidly between the sea and hills. It is a historical enrichment and most of its parts are about 900 years old. Its prehistoric detention areas are considered to be the everlasting home of spiritual turmoil. Not only those, but other portions hold similar reputation. For example, the profound burial chambers of South Bridge and a deserted road called Mary Kings Close, where countless visitors have described their mystical and supernatural encounters. To discover the truth behind all these observable facts, a scientific investigation was conducted in which only those visitors (from around the world) who knew nothing about these legendary haunting were allowed to take part. They were led through the terrifying, clammy vaults, halls and burial chambers, equipped with high-tech tools like thermal imagers, geo-magnetic sensors, temperature probes, night vision tools and digital cameras. More than half the volunteers reported incidents that they could not explain. And the maximum paranormal experiences were reported to have taken place in the reputed the haunted sections.

The Haunted Coliseum of Rome


One of the most famous places of Rome is without a doubt the Coliseum. The Coliseum was built somewhere between the 70 and 72 AD and had become the pride and joy of Rome. It was the place where gladiators, slaves and Christians fought for their lives. More than 500,000 people had died in this Coliseum and roughly 1,000,000 animals were also killed inside it. Ever since then, it is considered the most dreadful and haunted places in the world. People who live nearby state that whisperings, banging and even floating lights are seen frequently. And the floating lights are generally seen in the areas where the gladiators had waited for their deaths. Many visitors describe abnormal incidences to have occurred with them, like the feeling of someone touching them or pushing them, especially in the stairs. And some sections of the Coliseum have been declared ‘strange cold spots’ which are unusually cold even in the hot weather. Weird sounds at odd times like of people crying or swords clashing and even noises of wild animals are heard. Some tourists have also reported seeing ghostly figures walking up the stairs of the stadium, particularly the ghosts of Roman soldiers standing at exit ways.

The Haunted ‘Leap Castle’


Over 400 years ago, a dreadful massacre had occurred in the bloody chapel, the ‘Leap Castle’. The castle ever since has been known to be haunted. The castle’s history reveals the bitter fight between the two brothers; the owners of this place. Due to some mysterious reasons, a brutal enmity for the leadership had erupted within the family. The gluttony for power had turned two brothers against each other, which led to one of them killing the other ruthlessly. The victim brother was a priest. That is why, as believed, the profanity spread a misery and torment throughout the castle. And thus the primitive ghost had attached itself to that place. Visitors have encountered gruesome of the most ghastly odors, weird sounds and dreadful visions. It is a frightening and horrifying apparition, which brings with it horror and grave entrenched fear. It is frequently malicious, petrifying and unusual. Locals avoid getting anywhere near it at nights as many have even seen candle lights from the top of the castle. Its gates have ever since been padlocked and boarded up.

Queen Mary Long Beach


Queen Mary is a legendary ocean liner which was used in World War. But now, this restored ship is harbored in Long Beach California and has been made a public place where guests visit, have food and even stay in the hotel rooms on board. But this ship is world’s most haunted place. It is haunted by several passengers and crew members from its sailing days. Many visitors have witnessed strange activities around them. Ghostly sounds are heard all over the place. People have seen furniture moving on its own, banging on their doors and unseen figures touching the windows which are supposed very common. The engine room is considered the most haunted room where a young boy was one crushed to death, trying to escape fire. A womanly figure dressed in white is seen at the desk singing or dancing and a little girl is heard asking for a doll; and children noises at the deserted swimming pool are heard at nights. Some visitors have also claimed to have seen wet foot prints forming with splashing sounds on the deserted pool. The paranormal researchers have discovered and caught some mystical activities, such as odd sounds, smells, temperature changes and visual activity. This ship is said to be haunted by at least 150 spirits.



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  1. Jeff says:

    Cool list. Theres this article about a haunted doll in Florida on Travel Creepster. You should do another list of haunted “things”. That would be sweet.

  2. Steve says:

    Sure …we will :)

  3. Although I think that ghosts does not exist, some of these places seem quite spooky. I don't think that the Edinburgh Castle is haunted, too. I've been there a few times and there haven't been any signs of ghosts.

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