5 Myths About Vampires

As the night enters its darkest time… deep hush and dread all around… the squealing of bats slowly fading away… and coloring everything with dread and dismay, enters the scene, a shadow of the unknown… the dead-like living creature, breathing loud, dripping blood, pale skinned and eyes filled with an unquenchable thirst for blood… the Vampire!

“That morning I was not yet a vampire, when I saw my last sunrise. I watched its whole magnificence for the last time and absorbed its glory. And then I said farewell to sun light, and set out to become what is now my destiny.

Okay let’s come to a point, we do not know for sure if Vampires do or do not exist. And if they don’t exist, then one wonders where the idea of this mythical creature came from. Of course Vampires have been fabled through time. These ghostly mysteries and the myths related to them still withhold our interest to find out the truth behind them. There are many myths about Vampires, but are all of those just myths or do they hold any reality… let’s just find out…

Myth: Vampires Fly


It is believed that Vampires can fly, not as a human body but when it transforms itself into a bat. Some people say Vampires can also turn into wild birds. So if you see a dark bloody and abnormally large bird at night you should get out of its sight, for it will attack you for your blood. Another similar myth about Vampires flying is that they do it by transforming into mist, fog and even a sudden storm.

Reality: No, they don’t.

No, vampires can not fly… at least not physically. And since nothing can fly without wings, and if physical conversion or transformation is scientifically and logically impossible, so Vampires can definitely not fly. The reason why most people claim that Vampires fly is probably because Vampires (if they exist) can possibly utilize their oomph and reflex actions a little too rapidly than normal. Such as an upright jump or a sideway drift – making them almost disappearing from sight as if a flight!

Myth: Sunlight extinguishes Vampires:

“We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst.”

Another famous myth about Vampires is their fear of light, especially the sunlight. For more than a thousand years now, this is the most popular yet difficult way of killing a Vampire. It is difficult because you cannot bring a Vampire to light easily. It can smell the light which is why it only rises in darkness. It is believed that Vampires literally burst into flames if exposed to direct sun or its light. The other way of killing or harming a Vampire is similar to sunlight – by fire. Now let’s see how true this myth is –

Reality: Yes they do.

In normal human beings the sunlight only causes damage to some of the skin tissues which gives the skin a tan. But in Vampires, due to overflow of such pigments which not only destroy the skin but literally tears it apart. Vampires become ineffective when exposed to sunlight. This is why Vampires rise only when the sun sets and eyewitnesses declare that their skin literally gleams like gemstones in the darkness. Another reason why Vampires demolish under light is that they are blinded by it, and they can only see in dark due to hyper dilated irises. Their exposure to sun also causes its neural pathways to burn almost instantly putting it to fire.

Myth: Vampires have fangs:

Fangs or dagger-like teeth are the legendary image of Vampires. It has been discovered though ages how, if the wounded has sharp teeth marks on the neck or wrist then it has got to be by a creature possessing sharp and large non-humane teeth. But do vampires really and always have fangs?

Reality: Yes, they have.

Vampires do have fangs. That is how they pierce the skin to suck blood from which shows their desperation. And it also describes how they suck it out of their prey, how they are able to dig their sharp teeth into the veins of the victim. Although it could have been done by any other sharp weapon or a tool, but they use their extra sharp and pointed teeth, proving their greed and longing. No wonder such abnormally sharp or large teeth, if found in a normal person are referred to as vampire’s.

Myth: Vampires live on blood:

“I’m going out to get a bite to drink.”

A traditional statement you are surely to hear from a Vampire. And this is yet another myth about it. They live for blood. They make tiny wounds either on the prey’s neck, the wrist or the thorax, and then suck the blood through those punctured marks. According to some sources, Vampire blood itself is poisonous which is why when they take blood from a body, it gets numb immediately and the victim faints. So by getting more blood… they get more energy.

Reality: Yes, they do.

Vampires (most of them) cannot live without blood. And Vampires can easily rip open the flesh of its prey with fangs. Vampire fangs are large, very sharp canines which at times can reduce in size too. Although some people believe that the suction of blood is performed by fangs but that is not true, the fangs are only used to cut through the fleshy tissues. Compared to other vicious animals like reptiles, wolves or even other ferocious animals with sharp big teeth do not have teeth similar to Vampires, as Vampire teeth are more erectile and sharp.

Myth: Garlic to ward off Vampires:

Vampires are thought to be non-humans but still supposed to have human emotions. They also fear, get disheartened, hesitant, miserable, and at times environmentally overwhelmed. So according to a myth Vampires fear garlic! A range of ideas suggest that the easiest way of drive them back is the smell of garlic. This is due to their sensitive smelling sense which makes the garlic work as pure torture on them.

Reality: Not really!

As much as this myth is popular, I find it the silliest. And those who believe in it should be surprised to know that this myth is a fake one. Garlic was used as repellents since the Greek times, but to ward off NOT Vampires, but mosquitoes or ticks! Perhaps this myth was created by those who associated all blood sucking creatures to each other, and since mosquitoes also suck blood, people related them to the ghostly Vampires. But then mosquitoes fly… and Vampires don’t! Right?!

Now you know the most famous myths about Vampires, and some of the reality factors related to them… but I will leave you with a very definitive quote to let you decide for yourself… if you believe Vampires exist or not…
“When one creates phantoms for oneself, one puts vampires into the world, and one must nourish these children of a voluntary nightmare with one’s blood, one’s life, one’s intelligence, and one’s reason, without ever satisfying them”



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13 Responses

  1. Lonbash says:

    The title should be 5 myths about mythical creatures. Uber hokey, obviously a vamp fan.

  2. Leadbelly says:

    “Okay let’s come to a point, we do not know for sure if Vampires do or do not exist.”
    Yes we do, they don't exist. They're not vampires they're goths.

  3. Leadbelly says:

    “Okay let’s come to a point, we do not know for sure if Vampires do or do not exist.”
    Yes we do, they don't exist. They're not vampires they're goths.

  4. Rivethead says:

    They're not Goths. They're idiots.
    I spent a lot of time in “that scene” when I was much younger, and most of us dismissed them as either insane, attention whores, or just simply idiots. :)

  5. Rivethead says:

    Worst article ever. You're making up shit about shit that is already made up to suit your ideal, despite a long and detailed history in literature, folklore, and legend.

    The author should have just said, “Shit about vampires that I want to believe ever since the Twilight franchise was founded.”

  6. Vulin says:

    Dude, are you serious? Using words “…scientifically and logically…”  in story about vampires???!!???

  7. Pothead Profound Obvious Truth says:

    Lame as crap.. Mostly views and belieif to suit your “idea” choice of what a vampire would be like.. What you want one to be if you were one.

  8. joshuathirteen says:

    well said. since vampires are myths EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM is a myth

  9. Ljdingus says:

    You're fucking retarded. I hope your sterile.

  10. Insanopath says:

    thanks for taking a break from your Twilight Fapping to write this Thesis.

  11. NeoDra says:

    Does Vampires really exit in the world..?

  12. Dexmaster88 says:

    Are you fuckin' kiddin me Scientific facts about Vampires … Purely Mythological beings… And than :  “Ïn reality” WTF dude… When was the last time you saw a vampire in the street… For god's sake… You people watch toooo much TV… -.-

  13. Wcarmack says:

    it makes me happy that a real vampire fan posted this and opening with a anne rice quote was great. no twilight bullshit

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