5 Biggest Bookmakers of the World (Cricket Bookmakers)

Bookmaker… sounds a bit like a publisher! But the only thing that a bookmaker and a publisher actually have in common is that they do indeed make books! But unlike a publisher, a bookmaker or bookie is an organization or a person that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds. The aim of the bookmaker is to make a profit from the event regardless of the outcome. The more unlikely the outcome, the higher the odds are likely to be and therefore the higher the profit for the person placing the bet. This is why there can be a great deal of suspicion when an outrageous bet (such as the number of no-balls bowled in a particular over) is correctly predicted! Here are five of the most famous Cricket Bookmakers of the world.

William Hill


William Hill is one of the most famous and perhaps the largest cricket bookmakers of the world. His company shares the same name as his, is actually more famous now. William Hill established this company in the year 1934. It has been around for over seventy years. It was at first run as his cable TV channel, but that only lasted for two years. Now it offers in-house live cricket visual broadcast direct to betting office. The company’s news site also acts as a sister control to the Sports book, featuring online sports and horseracing conferences, features and other content. It has great and interactive media arrangement, real time cricket channel and sports betting division with In-Play Radio. It employs in excess of 15,000 people in offices in the UK, Ireland, Bulgaria and Israel. They sustain 2,300 retail shops all through Europe and have a considerable telephone gambling/betting business in the UK. Even the William Hill Company has been traded on the London Stock Exchange since 2002. Their software is brittle and unsoiled with poker rooms more than 8,000, and real money players pounding it out at any time in the day with well over 13,000 real money players at peak hours.

Victor Chandler


Victor Chandler is the chairman of the company Victor Chandler International. Victor Chandler is inarguably the most famous bookmakers in the world. He is frequently styled as ‘The Gentleman Bookmaker’, the Indiana Jones of cricket bookmaking, the daring, boasting rails layer who has kept the British racecourses lit up for over two decades. He is the gold prospector who unearthed prosperous innovative profits layers globally, the creative thinker, the elegant founder who turned the industry inside out in 1998. Chandler is about as far as you can get from the conventional icon of a bookie. Charming, modest and a gracious host, he has the air of a standard middle-aged English company chairman, and not a trilby in sight. It is indeed a family business which prides itself on the conventional ethics of candor and equality; you can’t go wrong placing your cricket bets here. The well organized web-link allows you to select cricket from the home page and from there you point and click to add selections to your betting slip. It has also launched a VC Radio channel, which brings you every day reports, previews and live coverage of cricket events.



‘Fred Done’ is a luminary figure in bookmaking field and a Director of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB). His company Betfred is in fact the most prominent amongst the rest. It is part of the largest autonomous bookmaker in the world, and is a well-established and highly regarded industry in the UK, founded in 1967. This company promises a distinctive style of betting for online clients, as they are assured of lots of understanding, a concrete standing and brilliant betting breaks. On the cricket betting side, you are surely to see plenty of solid variety available to choose from. There is the usual cricket and football and even horse racing. There is also golf, bowls American football, basketball, baseball, cricket, boxing, darts, greyhounds, snooker, rugby, tennis and others. Supporting betting specials in this icon also include TV show outcomes, political results and awards. Betfred is famous for his liberal sign-up bonuses; you should certainly take a look at this site if you want to get your hands on some free cash to bet with. For that, Fred is known as The Bonus King. Once your account is up and running, you can add selections to your betting slip and then choose whether you want to bet in singles or place multiple bets, as appropriate. Fred is one of the most respected figures in the industry.

Paddy Power


Paddy Power is well recognized for offering probability on a wide variety of markets, and cricket is definitely its most fascinating feature. Paddy Power was founded in 1988 by the merger of three existing Irish high street bookmakers. He is Ireland’s most popular bookmaker and is already offering odds on the Cricket World Cup in 2011. This just shows their keen interest in supporting and serving their clients. The site is extremely easy to use. On the website you can not only bet online but also bet by mobile phone or a landline using your online account. This way no one gets to lose any information. It carries out business through a chain of licensed betting offices. And it is by far Ireland’s largest telephone betting service. Online it proffers sports betting, online poker, online bingo, online casino games and spread betting. The company in addition promotes its services in the UK and is a publicly quoted company, listed on the Irish and UK stock exchanges. Paddy Power will let you bet on just about everything; but when it comes to Cricket, you might not find a better offer.

Coral Sports

Last but definitely not the least, Coral Sports, operated by the Gala Coral Group Ltd. It has a wealth of experience in keeping its clients a little too happy. It simply allows you to place bets on a good range of cricket markets. Coral Sports prides itself on a cricket mini-site that is packed with information and features you would rather never miss out on. Schedules, scorecards, players, rankings, statistics and much more that gets you all the facts you need before you place your bets. Coral is based in Essex, England and has been around since 1926. The online betting site supports English and offers customer service in the same language. Its online customer service is amazing, only that it follows strict office hours rather than a 24 hours service. And some of the options are slightly limited as compared to the other betting companies and include credit/debit cards, Western Union and Bank Transfer. It has a reputation for allowing very large bets through your phone betting operations. The web service is fast and the site has a well-made system that allows for innate surfing. Coral Bookmaker is without a doubt one of the best places to bet on the internet. Its conviction is an imperative aspect when it comes to betting on the web, their reputation is pristine.



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