5 Reasons Aliens Can Exist

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A person who comes from a far-off land is normally called an immigrant, or an outsider, and probably treated like one too, but do we call him an alien? No we don’t. Because the word ‘alien’ in our common consideration is not referred to as a foreigner, but a non humane, frightful, vicious and presumably filthy sort of a thing, belonging to another planet. A thing, one has never seen, but imagined. A thing, no one knows if exists or not.
Following are five reasons for you to believe that aliens can exist.



Let’s consider galaxies first. There may be 100,000,000 galaxies, because an estimated 50 billion galaxies are visible with modern telescopes. Every galaxy must have a number of stars in it, as many as hundreds of billions. Now we all know that stars have planetary systems, and with original extra-solar system planet-hunting-technology, we know that stars’ presence detect planets to be near them. This is observed customarily by the stars’ movement. Then it is also a well known fact that the dimming and brightening of a star is when a planet crosses its disk. Also, it is believed that every star has a planetary formation around it. Now if galaxies are there, and every galaxy has planets in it, then there is possibility for planets to have water or some form of life on them. Astrophysicists are already searching for life on other planets

Alien probability with so many stars:


Although there may be no solid proof of life on planets other than Earth, but our universe consists of stars, trillions of stars. And research shows for the past many years now that at least 50 percent of the stars entertain planets.

Some scientists also believe that there maybe chances that some of the stars or their planets may have gone through a development which Earth had gone through and developed life, which scientist refer to as a methodical life. This, according to scientists, one can consider in the pictures of Milky Way, with clusters of youthful stars.

Water be plentiful in our solar system


We all know the importance of water. Water is the vital element for life. It has been discovered that there is abundance of water in our solar system. We can take the recent case in point; facts prove that water may well flow beneath the shell of Mars. Europa, a moon of Jupiter, has also been found to have traces of a liquid ocean on it. And so, why not other moons, like the Jovian moons Callisto and Ganymede may have the same? Especially the moons of Saturn, Titan and Enceladus, may also be watery. Even Venus, as researchers believe it might have a bit of water in its atmosphere. So that pretty much makes a rough sketch encouraging the probability of alien life!

Life flourishes even in extreme environments


Scientists have found life on every part of Earth. Whether they found under the cold, dark depths of the oceans; cuddled up to boiling hot hydrothermal opening; hidden under the Antarctic ice; or dried out in deserts like the Atacama Desert. According to many scientists, life can get used to really hard-hitting environments and, of course, most of the universe is yet going to be crammed with habitation that will be tough. For instance, Mars is an unkind location, but some of the bacteria found on Earth, including the one shown in the picture was discovered in the depths of a mine. So there may be a possibility of such bacteria which could survive underneath the surface of Venus or Mars. These discoveries have allowed scientists to range back to a possibility of an outer space life.

Millions of people claim to have seen an alien


At least a hundred thousand UFO/alien sightings have been recognized over the past 50 years. Some searches show that up to 7% of people in the world have claimed to have seen a UFO and even an alien. Numerous military spokespersons believe to have seen them. TV channels, books, histories and scientific researches make one to consider the possibility of an alien existence. Some well known scientists have also said that whether aliens exist or not, it may be discovered within 20 years or not at all.
According to the many who are scrutinizing the skies for signs of logical life, and regardless of finding nothing they have not lost hope. They still claim to believe on accepted assumptions about the chances of alien civilizations existing. And so accordingly, on projected increases in computing power on Earth the chances of this search will become easier. To find them will involve monitoring and inspecting radio emissions from most of the Milky Way’s 100 billion stars. They believe that within a generation, radio emissions from enough stars will be observed and analyzed to find the first alien civilization.

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